ava's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


My idea is to make a nice,clean eating environment for students to eat. There will be a large variety of food and it will be good quality food. The stand will be easily accesible and in close distance incase of winter snow.


Collect Info

Needs to have good quality food, easily accesable, quick cooking, food warm 24/7, afordable for daily eating, a variety of food.


Brainstorm Ideas

there will be a food stand with a glass display of breakfast foods such as muffins, a side area to the counter where you can pick up food and drinks, a large spacious eating area infront, a kitchen in the back where there are extended rooms to it such as storage, fridges, and electrical. There will be a managers office with an extended area to money storage, and there ill also be a break room.


Develop Solutions

On campus eating with a large viraty makes it so people wont have to leave to get food. the food will be fresh and good quality so students will want to eat it. The stand wont be far from classes and you can go whenever you want.


Final Design

my final design was a mix of the floor plan and the bubble design with little tweaks. It will have all the areas of the bubble design with lots of storage it will be very close to the school doors so that its accesible durring winter, and wil always be fully stocked.