Davis Park

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


How would I get the people of McKinley Park fresh produce throughout the year? How do I make this somewhere where all ages will go? How do I get space for a community market?

Collect Info

What I did here was I researched what kind of people lived here by race, age, cultural background, and ethnicity.

Brainstorm Ideas

For brainstorming I wanted to make it to when its not being used as a community market it could be used year round. So I came up with the idea of a park. I wanted it to be great for all ages and a park seemed like the way to go. I also wanted a market to where people can get fresh produce year round and socialize year round.

Develop Solutions

The way i developed these solutions is I wanted something that met the requirements and looked good

Final Design

For the final design I incorporated many different components for many different ages. I added a playground for the kids to play on while their parents or grandparents are doing something else. There is a cafe where people can meet and get coffee. There is a market where people can get fresh produce with a rooftop garden that is accessible to handicapped by an elevator. There is a pavilion where tables can be set up for community events such as a community market and a lot of open space that can also be used for community events or if nothing is going on is a great place to have a picnic or read a book. Along with the open space there and tables scattered around the park with grills so you can bring stuff to grill. There is also a patio with tables that people can meet at as well. The market and cafe building also has a bathroom.