jdelvillar2's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


On this new bed room redesign assignment i am trying to remake my own bed rooms and solve or resolve some issues i have in my own room like space or lack of storage. in my room i lack storage and room space, not having a lot of room or storage leads me having a messy room only a week after cleaning it or running into stuff that are in the way like my swivel chair.


James M. Jones 1 year ago
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RealMe 9 months ago
On this new bed room redesign assignment i am trying to remake my own bed rooms and solve or resolve some issues i have in my own room like space or lack of storage. Ventura On-Site Truck Repair

Collect Info

Because my bed room i have now lacks storage and space i would improve my new bed room by adding more space or making the room bigger and having a lot of storage compartments because i have a lot of stuff in my room and if i have more storage room i would have a less cluttered room and it'd be more clean and big .


Brainstorm Ideas

for my new room design i would like more space and to solve this issue i would design a storage compartment to store my stuff and clear up my room. with the new storage my room will be less cluttered and i would change my bed location in my room to near the window and move my desk towards the middle for the natural sunlight right besides my bed. and to make the floor look less plain i would add a carpet or rug to cover the floor and make the floor more comfortable.


jackmarrow 1 year ago
That is a great idea. The design of the window will also enhance your comfort experience, so choose the right one for your room. Window and door should be of same aesthetics. - Jack, garage door repair

Develop Solutions

My solutions will be that i will be moving my bed and room furniture around to make more room and have a place where i can store items like a storage shelf so that i am able to put stuff in there and make my room more organized and cleaner with less of a mess since i will have most of my items in one place rather then around my room.

Final Design

in my final design i added a storage shelf where i can keep my boxes and stuff and organized and i also have my desk and computer by the window for natural light which was one of the problems in my current room but now it is solved in this new bedroom design.


patsm00re18 1 year ago
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