bus shelter redesign

jdelvillar2's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


For this design i will be renovating a current bus shelter in front of curie high school to make it look better and solve a few issues students face using the bus shelter every day.


Collect Info

The bus shelter in front of curie high school has some problems it faces under certain scenarios for an example, when there is bad weather when its raining or its snowing and it is cold outside the bus shelter does not protect the students of curie high school. The bus shelter in front of curie high school also has a big flaw in its design, the bus shelter is very small and for a school that has over 3 thousand students and this flaw leads to overcrowded students waiting for the bus. My redesign will solve these issues while also having a creative design.


Brainstorm Ideas

For my design my bus shelter will be bigger and safer for all seasons of the years to keep students safe and accommodated all year long when there's bad weather outside or when there's many students waiting for there bus.


Develop Solutions

My solutions to the bus shelter will be that the bus shelter will be big enough to protect many the students waiting for the bus from heavy weather conditions but will also have a comfortable design.


Final Design

For my final design this bus shelter is a bust stop that is bigger and more creative then the current bus shelter in front of curie high school on archer. The design is more wider for more students to be under the bus shelter while waiting for their bus in harsh weather conditions or in average school day. The design for this bus shelter is more creative having a slanted angled roof with a simple creativity in the design as to the color the color is blue that of curies home color.


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