JScholar1's Container House

Design a Container House


The problem is not the problem of a solution, it's the direct path to making something useful from its unusefulness. One problem today is the shipping containers that are just sitting and being of no use and that's where I come in. I plan to turn that around and make something out of these containers that we don't put to much use. Make it a house, a small compartment store, or even an addition to a restaurant to provide better attraction and even space. There are many solutions to this problem and my solution is to design a Growth Center for young men and even grown men to build character and connect through brotherhood. More like an outreach but less of a shelter. These containers aren't just here to sit but to be renovated and put to good use. Out of 17million containers, only 6 million of those are used. We need to change that number so that the world we live in can look like one that we want to live in. We don't live here just because but to plan, design, redesign, and build what was to what is now and the future awaits that possession. I plan to make a Center that puts an insight on connection and becoming a man and pillar to your community in general.

Collect Info

The residents will be people from the neighborhood or anyone who's living in the United States who want to come will all be welcomed. My center will provide leadership skills and of course a meal for coming every week. The center itself will provide a place where young men and adults can come and make a change for themselves and for their community. For the center, neighbors are everyone in the community because this will be a public and non-profit organization so no one is necessarily out of the picture. The founders of this center which will also be built across the world will be myself and partners who fund the center. The center will be a change for ones' in the neighborhood for each neighborhood it's in and it will enlighten others who may be curious to what's our mission or purpose that we're doing something for people who seek change and wants better or to have a better moral respect for themselves. This area will be owned by me so no one will be a danger to it unless there was a bad message or representation of what's happening. Others will be interested because they will see that change can happen and it takes one also it can be out of the smallest things that make a big difference . This center will be located in an empty lot that's no being occupied and has no ownership. The purpose of using shipping containers is to direct our problem and make it into a solution to other problems or social concerns. These shipping containers will be a symbol of the center to show strength and durability. The shipping containers are strong and the young men and men are too. The shipping containers are just the foundation of the center in which it represents but there will be other materials such as walls, bricks, concrete, tiles, and glass. Furniture and space areas for sitting are apart of it all as well. This container center will be located in my very own neighborhood in Garfield park in one of our empty lots. The parts for the container center will be used for another invention such as anything that can be useful to the center as an addition and it will be recycled if not. I'm using shipping containers to be apart of the change in helping others and being a leader in my neighborhood by doing something big with something small and inexpensive. The purpose of the center is to provide not only a safe space but make a difference and show others how to lead and build character and close relationships or relationships in general that weren't there before. The purpose of the center is to provide not only a safe space but make a difference and show others how to lead and build character and close relationships or relationships, in general, that wasn't there before. The exact location is 4219 w 5th Ave, it's a good space to build and occupy for a good change. I have just recently started watching a television series of tiny homes and container homes on the tv station Tiny House Nation and Tiny Air BNB's container homes . My inspiration was from seeing all the different styles, personalities, and cultures of homes. I am working on a different space of comfort; A center for men and young men with different cultures and personalities. Every home was different and I wanted a different environment for the people and when I make a difference and solution for one of the many problems in the U.S.

Brainstorm Ideas

To start with, coming up with ideas isn't as easy as it seems and it took a while with additional thinking and critical thinking to decide how this and that will work and be fitted for my design in general. Building with containers is less complex than a regular house but there's more work included. With sketching, I added color to the containers to make them more visual and the brown represents additional equipment to connect the containers and the darkish blue represents a million for one of them. The mullion is there to connect the containers but it works as a glass-window. This process had a lot of thinking and the bubble diagram made me wonder if I wanted it to be homely or just for business. I added both so it won't just be groups of men and young men sitting in one spot with nothing else to do or any other accessibility in the facility. Bathrooms are always important and there's a kitchen for food and a dining room for other purposes including with food. The next thing is to use the outside space and think of how the inside will be organized and which model I will use for my final design. Before, this I have to develop solutions.

Develop Solutions

For develop solutions, the process is longer than usual and there's still a little more work but what I have is good until further modifications. My floor plan has improved from when I first started and I was able to find a good floor plan for my Center for boys and men of the community for any community. The floor plan has dimensions, room labels, entrances and exits, and doors and windows as well. The overall dimension is 40' by 32' which is 4 containers. The center has more or the outside exterior but the focus is the floor plan for now and the progress has been made and there are more modifications to be made. I added 3 extra inches from the wall making the rooms so I have to cut that out to get the correct 6 inches, 3 in, and 3 out. I will be working on the floor plan a little more but we have time and due to the planning and brainstorming that's still left, everything will follow. Develop and solutions is a way of coming up with solutions and making them, which is a development process. I plan to continue making more progress to have a better and improved floor plan for my center but it's in a good shape now.

Final Design

During the final design process, I didn't have much, to begin with, but as I continue to keep working on the project the more I progressed. I managed to make some stairs, landings for the stairs, roof, groundwork, court, green space, and parking lot for bus shuttles to pick up participants who can't provide their own way. The program is a non-profit so everything is free for the participants and the money that intervents for everything to happen is either given or donated. The final design is not a home, I wanted to make something different, that would make a safe space as well for young boys and men, men are mostly affected by violence and end up in penitentiaries so an outreach group could turn many lives around to do good and better. There's no judgment or background check that excludes people from being able to participate and second chances are real so the final design will have an outside space for collaboration, physical reproduction. The parking lot came in place and I like that idea since open space could always be used and it makes a nice scene for others to see that this is something to take advantage of and use as a resource to help others or yourself to become a better man and make a better brotherhood in every community to respect, care and look out for each other, even lead women because respect goes a long way.