Kaponi88's Tiny Home Design

Architecture + Engineering: Design A Sustainable Tiny Home


Tiny homes can be no larger than 350 sqft. My home is for a single person. It can also fit the occasional visitor.


Brainstorm Ideas

Space-saving ideas! -Storage under the bed for clothing, ect. -Hatches in the floor for more storage. -Fold-out couch for visitors. -Toilet/sink combo.

Develop Solutions

Solar Panels- Expensive, but you have reduced or nonexistent electricity bills. Environmentally friendly. Weather dependent (battery storage for rainy days and nighttime?) Rain Barrels- Inexpensive. Not drinkable without filters and cleaners. Good for plants, as it has no chemicals in it. Less water during the summer. Cut down on water bills. Composting toilet- No water needed. Good for a garden if my client decided to have one. I would add my 3d model if it let me.

Final Design

I can't add my 3d model for some reason, sorry.