Khadijaqadir's Classroom Redesign

Redesign Your Classroom


The main idea for my project is to design a classroom where students can have fun focusing and be in a comfortable environment. In my class there will be computers that students could use, containing a smartboard, and an extra whiteboard, it will also include some storage space, and a place for the teacher to work, and sit. My clients are the students and teachers. My classroom can be used as a Math, English, History, etc. classroom.


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Collect Info

My classroom will be located at Boonton High School. At the high school it we will have to get rid of one of the classrooms and put it at the ower level of the school since it is a very bif classroom. This class could be considered as a Math, English, or maybe even a history class. In my classroom, I will include a cabinet in the back for storage and on the side of the wall, there will also be another long table that a student could sit at and be use for storage.


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Brainstorm Ideas

In my classroom design, I would an open space and include tables that would be bigger than the average one so it could be easier to put all your things. I also want to keep the classroom very open and not have it be cluttered with all random objects that many classrooms don't need.


freykarts 11 months ago
This is awesome for a student project! But probably this is a nightmare for some students. Specially if the entrance door is right in front of the class and the instructor, late comers will be in trouble. Frey, kitchen remodeling near me

Develop Solutions

My classroom will be in rectangle/ square shape. There will be a total of twelve desks. The desks are pretty big so it gives the student a lot of space to do work. In the front of the classroom, there is a teacher's desk and a smartboard with a table in front of it. In the back of the classroom, there will also be a few computers for student use.

Final Design

In my final design, I made a big class which was 45 by 40. There was a lot of space and contained some computers, a cabinet, and a long table where there is a place someone could sit and work, in the front of the classroom has a smartboard, the teacher's desk, and student desks. There are twelve desks in the classroom, so there would not be a lot of students but, it would be easier for the students to be a part of the class more, and be able to focus. The main goal for this class if for students to have a comfortable environment to learn and be able to better understand. The storage space is very limited but, that is because it wont be very cluttered in the classroom. This space could include books or any other material that would be needed during class. The computers in the back of the lass are there for the teacher and student use so, if a student does not have their Chromebook or just need to quickly look up something the computers are. There are only twelve desks because I believe that in smaller class the teacher can help the students understand more. In the front of the class there is a smartboard, and on the side is a whiteboard. The smartboard can be used for everyday use, for example in the morning the teacher can write the objective on the board. There is also the teachers desk in the front of the room for the teacher to sit and do her work.


merrichiello 1 year ago
I really like the colors of your classroom and I think it is very pleasing to look at.