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Design a Container House - Remixed


Building a shipping container home seems pretty straightforward in theory. There are millions of excess shipping containers lying around in ports around the world, and they are the perfect size for a home. If you want a multi-story or larger square footage homes, you stack a few shipping containers on top of one another and, voila, you've got a house. Unfortunately, things are never as easy as they seem from the outset. When building a shipping container home, there are several things you need to know to ensure your home is structurally sound, sustainable, and beautiful. When purchasing a used shipping container, you will most likely not be able to do a complete walkthrough. Especially if it is located at some obscure port on the other side of the world. However, you can ask the seller for detailed pictures and a thorough description of the container. Older shipping containers, especially, might have several dents, issues with rust, or other structural problems that come with a lifetime of being tossed around on the high seas. One-trip containers are a little bit more expensive; however, they are almost in great shape. They might be worth the investment if you want to avoid the work and expense of fixing a container that is all dented up. Know Your Building Code Restrictions Many towns and cities might have certain restrictions against building a shipping container home. Before you invest several thousand dollars in used shipping containers, make sure you check on your local and state building codes. It's important to understand ordinances that may impact container home projects, design choices, property zoning, deed restrictions, and governing bodies. Regulations could be imposed at federal, state, county, or municipal levels. Texas, California, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon, and Alaska are known to be relatively welcoming and easy to deal with when it comes to shipping container homes. Make Sure You Have a Plan for Insulating An unfinished steel shipping container will be unbearably hot during the summer and cold in the winter unless you have a good plan for adding needed insulation. When designing your shipping container home, ask certain contractors about insulation ideas, and remember that you will have to insulate the roof as well as the walls heavily. Blanket-style insulation will need an interior stud wall, while foam insulation can be sprayed directly onto the wall. If you are exploring a more green or sustainable alternative, consider sheep wool or even adding a green roof onto the top of your shipping container home. Find a Complete Contractor It's best to find one contractor that can oversee the entire process instead of dealing with one for placing and modifying your unfinished containers and others for the interior finishing. Since shipping container construction is still a relatively new niche in the building industry, it can be difficult to find contractors with relevant experience. Here is a list of 16 companies around the USA who specialize in shipping container construction as pre-built homes.


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I suggest that when designing your shipping container home, ask certain contractors about insulation ideas, and remember that you will have to insulate the roof as well as the walls heavily. Tile Installer

Collect Info

. See Before you buy Know Your Building Code Restrictions . Make Sure You Have a Plan for Insulating . Find a Complete Contractor . Protect Against Harmful Chemicals . Avoid Cutting Your Containers into Pieces . Plan Ahead for Plumbing and Electrical . Know the Difference between Containers . Prepare for the Wind . Avoid Excessive Welding to Cut Costs . Consider Local and Vernacular Options First . Be Willing to Spend the Extra Dollar . See Before you Buy

Brainstorm Ideas

. white walls . frame only for room not all the way though because we wanna make the place as big as possible . stack a container on top for more room . deck in front for more comfort .

Develop Solutions

.A couple of 2 will occupy this home .Acouple of 2 .mand and woman .work .No physical needs .No emotional needs .Up to date on payments great people to trust

.The neighbors will be anyone who lives next to them .We dont know their physical needs . We dont know their emotional needs .They will live there as a couple and wont have any occupants .The community will be enclosed in the suburbs because the city there isnt much space for the home . Quiet neighborhood not many people around local gas station and stores nearby

.The people who bought it will keep up with the maintenance of the home .The maximum life of a container home is like 30 years or less so the person will have a great time there unless he or she will stop maintaining it .Its up to the person designing it how they want it to look modern style is probably what they will go for

.It wont have neighbors living so close almost like an enclosed suburban home but different .They wont have concerns .I feel like personally it would be cool to be living next to someone with a container home that can maybe inspire you.

.I doubt any crime really happens in the suburbs but if the house was somewhere in the city it would be full of crime especially chicago, criminals, robberies etc .Because living in a gated enclosed community is more safe and means more money so the burglars might think they can be there. .They can always have an advantage the people doing crime could have weapons.

.The home will be located in the suburbs of Illinois .The weather conditions there are 4 seasons no doubt .Not too far from the city a couple miles .Flat lands no bumpy road .Big highway sometimes busy after 4pm .The facts it gets cold .It wont impact them if they have good heating and cooling .It will not impact the family or occupants.

.The home will be constructed somewhere outside the chicago city .It would have containers shipped ans built on site .Home depot obviously

Final Design

I did a one container home with . one room .one bathroom . a living room . a patio. . deck with grill . drive way for one or multiple cars The home will be for a couple only no kids and if they want to have kids they will just have to add another container and design it to fit with the other one, thats why container homes are pretty easy.