mapolinar1's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


A bus shelter should be a place where anyone can be able to provide protection from almost every type of weather while also being able to get through transportation easily. Achieving a bus shelter like this means adding things like a heating system or air conditioning, maybe both. But both would be best because it would work with Summer and Winter times. Surrounding it with walls made of sturdy glass, just having at least 2 small entrances. The curies bus stop doesn't have much room as well, so adding room would also be convenient. At the bottom, where the floor is, there is a small opening where water could get in, so covering that with the glass wall should also be put all the way down.


Collect Info

Adding the same kind of bus shelter design to 3 spots around Curie High School that have good protection from weather seems great. Looking up these other bus shelter designs made my first idea of what I wanted to design way different from what I am thinking now. Having some logical and protective things to add to the design will make a difference to what the bus shelters are there now. Some spots around Curie don't even have a shelter and some I'd rather move them a little bit closer to where the students come out when school ends.


Brainstorm Ideas

All of these sketches have their own bus tracking device that is close to the shelter and can be easily seen by people. All of them also have lighting so it can make the bus driver see better at how many people are waiting. Sketch 2 and 3 are bigger so if chosen, they would need a bigger space. Sketch 1 is simpler than the others which makes it easier. But all of them also have a heating system as well, in sketch 1, it is placed on the floor. Sketch 2 has them on the top left side of the wall. And in Sketch 3, they are on the floor . For sketch 1 and 2, the walls would be made from glass, the 3rd one can be made from a type of metal that is safe.

Develop Solutions

Day by day there are small changes

Final Design

A bus shelter with protection from weather from the inside to the outside is what I have designed. Small roofing on the outside and on the inside. Motion sensor lights and a heater that are powered by a solar panel. The seating on the inside and outside are very simple. The interior includes a umbrella holder which people can use to put umbrellas in while they wait. The walls have different designs but since the right wall isn't mostly glass, that is why the lights are there.