martinortiz's Minecraft Project "Exchange market"

MINECRAFT CHALLENGE: Redesign A Public Space


What I hope to achieve with my design is to create a structure in an underused space around my community where people can interact, distract themselves, learn or refresh themselves. My goal is to create a structure that has an important need, or a good use for people, but now that we are already returning to normal after 2 years of quarantine where people spent their time only with their closest ones. Which did not allow us to interact with others and they are looking for a way to communicate through social networks or any other way except physically. The structure that I want to make is a public place that meets the needs of the people in the neighborhood that I choose to work in. The use will be reflected after conducting an investigation on the neighborhood taking into account the services they have, such as stores that meet the main needs, libraries, counselor , parks among other places necessary to help people.


Collect Info

Place- 1649 S RIDGEWAY AVE Sq ft 3,002 Ward 24 North Lawndale is the fifth most dangerous area to live in Chicago. North Lawndale has a crime rate that is 198 percent higher than the Chicago average (which is already high). It has a crime rate of 10,606 crimes per 100,000 people. The violent crime rate in North Lawndale is 3,003 violent crimes per 100,000 people. After observing and studying the place and the first needs of the people which are covered because the place is close to schools such as KIPP Ascend Middle School and Dvorak School of Excellence as well as the place is surrounded by small churches, shops, rental apartments and pharmacy to name the businesses and needs closest to the place. My idea is to create a place where people can get objects that no longer have any need for them and can be useful for other people. To achieve this my idea is to create a patio surrounded by green areas with trees or flowers and in each corner of this place shipping containers where people can rent to place a small sales or exchange stall in which they can exchange products for other products . The problem with this would be that the neighborhood is known to be the 5th most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago. Which creates a concern because by placing the shipping containers in an area open to the public which creates a great possibility that the area will be vandalized.


Brainstorm Ideas

Here in the brainstorming I will motivate all the ideas that in my opinion fulfilled a wide range that covers the needs of the population that will be used in addition to a recreational space (multipurpose) and that promotes the socialization of people. The needs that need to be covered with these designs are: Exposure to the weather. this due to the drastic changes that usually happen in the city. Insolacio- space with heating Place where people can socialize a place where people can put their belongings so they can deal with others. Illumination Pleasant atmosphere


jackmarrow 1 year ago
I love the idea of intermediate paper and common pencil instead of modern day sketching of plan. Though I know this is done just for fun. - Peterson

Develop Solutions

Here you will put the measurements and changes you make to end up with a better final product

Final Design

My final design consists of a complex of structures that give it the appearance of a market center but with some changes. The objective of my design is to create a place that meets the requirements that promotes human contact as well as social activities in a safe, welcoming and accommodating environment for all users, in the sense that it tries to provide an ecological environment and does not involve a lot of technology or distractions which causes the need to socialize to live together and thus meet new people in a safe way, in a safe environment. It has architectural and design features that are visually interesting. Promotes community participation. Reflects the local environment. It relates well to borderline applications. It is well maintained. It has a unique or special character to add to the community.