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mguadarrama5's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


The problem I have in my room is the spacing between everything. I don't have a space in my room like a desk to where I can set up my game on and also a place to do my homework on . I need to find a way to move things around in my room to have enough space to put some sort of desk/ table in my room for my needed.

Collect Info

My room: one queen sized beds 2 dressers - One more wider with a big mirror on top, The other one is taller in height but not that wide A shoe rack - One shoe rack that holds up to 10 pairs of shoes A TV A game system

Brainstorm Ideas

My plan is to get one of those bunk bed type of bends but instead of 2 bed just one and a desk under the bed for more room.

Develop Solutions

I will get one of those desk bed to replace my bed I have right now so I can have a desk in my room for work and also so I can have more space in my room.

Final Design

On my final design I put one of those desk beds I wanted in my room for more space. I put a TV hanging on my wall with speakers under near the TV.I also put a drawer for my clothes with a football on top of it .Cant forget the Mexico flag caret design.