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monarch12's Tiny Home Design

Architecture + Engineering: Design A Sustainable Tiny Home


Bathroom Kitchen Living room Stairs Bedroom Office Storage

Collect Info

Green roof Wildlife Storm water Energy Landscaping

This is for a 2 person, 2 story tiny home with a 350 square ft footprint.


Brainstorm Ideas

Energy- solar panels on car port and LED lighting

Green roof- cover all roof so will help with insulation and rainwater. It will look nice too.

Landscaping front of home

Develop Solutions

My client are swimmers who live in California. They love nature and would like a pool to practice in

Final Design

First floor black and white tile in bathroom. Blue and white walls in bathroom. First and second floor waterproof hardwood floors. Door are sliding glass and pull down screen to keep mosquitoes and other insects out. Sliding glass panels and windows will be bird safe windows. Carport solar panels and LED to help with energy savings.