Hands of an artist drawing with charcoal

paulinaa's Pocket Park Project

2015 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Pocket Park Design


There isn't really a space where the community can come together and interact/socialize with one another, or a go to place for people to hang out.The place looks a mess ,there is tons of grass surrounding the area so it would be really cool to be able to beautify it and increase the neighborhoods value. I often see children playing around in front of their house and i believe it would be nice to have a special place for them to have extra fun near by.It would be nice for the children to have a good safe playing environment or a place t0 gather;that being adults/seniors.

Collect Info

Based on what i've noticed around the neighborhood,a pocket park around 4935 S Linder Ave Chicago,IL would be a good idea because there isnt really much interaction going on among the neighborhood based on experience. Its really quiet.There is a lot more people from the ages of 5-50.Its a very good location.Safe for the most part.Traffic will definitely not be a problem.Its not a busy street.No construction near the sight either.

Brainstorm Ideas

id like my park to be simple.I dont think id want it to be too crazy because personally i'd feel overwhelmed if there was a lot going on.And there are a lot of elder people in the neighborhood too so i think it would be nice to keep things peaceful.I think i want something that provides shade and comfort.

Develop Solutions

I think i want to use revit but i'm not sure how that will go but i'll probably end up using sketch up.i think that for me its a lot simpler and faster.i think its easier to manage and just remove what i have to.

Final Design

I did end up keeping all the play area on one side,and i feel like there is a lot to do.the seating is not so close to it so there is some distance from the chaos.i tried to make the flow of the park smoother.moved the play areas to the other side of the park and added more seating.i put a water fountain near the seating.Its more of an area for a break.There should be shade if its sunny and a water fountain. i kept this one a lot simpler,but as i went one i feel like there wouldn't be too much interaction going on with the citizens so i got rid of that and just added plenty of seating but its not awkwardly isolated.