Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


The sole purpose of the project is to create a community market for the neighborhood. A community market is a place where people set up shops to sell their goods, mostly consisting of vegetables and fruits. In these places, there is a lot of people that come and interact thus making it feel like a community, but at the same time, still make it usable by those that visit. The way that I plan to tackle this is by making the marketplace more than just a simple marketplace. I plan to add a food court and a playground to the site to give another purpose. I want to bring the community together as a whole.

Collect Info

After lots of research, there have been lots of eye-opener facts that have changed the overall design that I was originally going to design. But after hours of research on the area where the marketplace is going to be, I found that most of the people in this are newborns, children, teens, young adults, and adults. It is about 62% that fall into these categories and they happen to make up the majority. This means that there are lots of families making up the surrounding area. Therefore, I know to go with a family-friendly design that is inviting and a place that families will want to go. Upon further research, I found that there is a difference in the percentages of genders, it happens to be 56% male and 44% female. The gender difference won't make me make grand changes to the overall design that I plan to make, but it is a factor to take note of. It is also to take note that there are quite a bit of elderly people in the area. That speaks to me that the site has to be easy to maneuver.

Brainstorm Ideas

When initiating my sketches, I wanted to make a marketplace that feels open and has more than one purpose. That was what was on my mind when making the layout. So what I did was incorporate a food court with two levels, the first being the food court, and the second floor being a court where people can go to talk, away from others if so desired. I designed it so that you can get with others either to eat or talk. Another idea that I wanted to incorporate was I wanted a park in the site so that kids could play and interact while their parents have the luxury to buy their goods. I also wanted it so that it could invite people from a smaller age group rather than just adults. I also wanted to make it so that everyone could come, so I also incorporated a system for the disabled so that they could move around with ease. To do that, I made the sight open allowing them to move around. But the challenge was getting to the second floor above the food court. So I incorporated an elevator to give them access to the second floor. This way, the marketplace isn’t limited to a certain age of people.

Develop Solutions

The overall purpose of the community market is to make a marketplace that's functional and to bring the community together because, in our society, we have been blinded by technology, bringing us farther away from one another. My main goal was to reunite the community in a way so they interact with each other. So the way that I made that happen, I designed the layout so the shops are in the exterior, and then put the food court in the interior, therefore bringing everyone together. This is my idea of bringing the community together A problem that I encountered was placing the park area for the kids and how to make it so that parents can look out for their kids. So what I did was that I placed the Play area in the center of the Westside and put benches on the North and South side of the playground so parents could still watch out for their kids while still being able to take a seat.
The main challenge was making the market user-friendly, interactive and inviting. Designing to make the marketplace usable by everyone was a problem that stumbled across me when designing the overall design. But where the main problem arose was how to allow the elderly access to the second floor if they couldn't use the stairs. What I did was that I put an elevator in the food court that allowed them access to the second floor if they could use the stairs. This way, this allows everyone to maneuver around the site with ease. Another problem that I encountered was deciding where to put the entrances to the marketplace. I had to test different with different set-ups to find one that worked for the site without having compromises. What I ended up doing was putting 2 entrances on the North side, one to the left and the other to the right. I also put another entrance on the top Eastside, allowing people that are coming from the metro to come in with relative ease.

Final Design

After the research and change of plans, I finally came to the final model. I had my model designed with purpose and reason. I designed it by having everyone come together as a community. I also had to make it so that the site was welcoming to everyone that entered without targeting anyone specifically, but to appeal to everyone. The way that I designed the layout was by having all the shops setup on the exterior of the site with an alleyway to give seller access to their shops from behind. This way, this made it easy on both the customers and sellers. After setting up the shops, I had the Food Court be placed in the center of the site. The main reason why was to bring everyone together to one place, that being the food court. When all the marketplace is said and done, having space left over, I added a play area for kids. This was designed based on the same principle and thought process of the food court, to bring everyone to a point. But with that, I had to add a way that gave parents the ability to sit back while giving them sight of their kids.
All in all, I made a design that I felt is usable to everyone and meets the need of both the sellers and the clients alike.