Raylin's locker

Design a new school locker


My locker is usually always messy because I don't have an organized spot for my stuff. I think that there should be more shelves because i do not have room for all my books, folders, and binders. I also do a lot of sports so I usually have an extra bag with me, and it is difficult to fit that plus a coat, and backpack, etc.


Collect Info

I collected info by taking pictures of my locker at school. it has one shelf 3 clips and a lock.

Brainstorm Ideas

In my locker I would like to have the following: More drawers, a mirror, mini fridge, and more shelves, plus decorations and school supplies etc.

Develop Solutions

I added more drawers, a mini fridge, mirror, more shelve, two hangers, basket, backpack, water bottle, lunchbox, little basket, phone, binders/folders, and a pencil cup.

Final Design

In my final design I added everything on my list that I wanted, and added color and some other cool features.