sipp's project

Shared City Project

Define the problem

the problem is that they dont have clouthing stores or that meny food places and they need to stop taring the street up and add a near by groccey store i think this is really the problem


Collect Information

my neighborhood would be more contatint if they add more clothing stores pluse more food places that way people aint gotta go out there way to get food and also they need to add a groccey store close by

Brainstorm Ideas

my neighborhood is good but not good when it come down to it because it need more resturuts and a gas station close by also what would make it better if they add two clothing stores other then that every thing else good

Develop Solutions

as i was saying in the other boxes the solution can be resolved easy by just putting more stores in the area and a gas station close by

Final Design

when all of this is put in place it can make the neighborhood better and the flow will be smoother and what i mean by this is that people dont have to travel far to get what they need and also can give people more jobs to do