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Design a food stand for your school


I want a trailer that is accessible, functional, and noticeable. The food needs to be something new, and the trailer needs to stand out. The trailer needs to be an easy set up and easy to change locations with. Trailer also needs to be able to get cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Trailer also needs to have work space and storage space for both a cold side and hot side.

Collect Info

For this step, I scouted possible locations outside the main buildings for the trailer to be set up. I used an online map of the school, along with photos my teacher sent me since I was quarantined for this step.


briona0865 2 months ago
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Brainstorm Ideas

I either will do a food truck or a trailer, since both are highly maneuverable and are able to put out a good amount of food. Also, these options would be able to keep food fresher for longer amounts of time than a little stand or handcart.


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Develop Solutions

A trailer is the more preferred method, and thus will be used. A trailer is simply more mobile, has more space, and can be towed without having to worry about extra gas expenses since an already owned vehicle will be towing it.


Final Design

My final design has a hot and cold sign, a safe for money storage, a fridge/freezer for ingredients storage, sinks for sanitation, storage areas, and contactless money transfer capabilities.


freykarts 1 month ago
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