The Bucc Tavern

Design a food stand for your school


The stand itself will have signs displaying the stand's name, but there will also be several signs in the area directing toward the stand's general direction. The stand will have posters of some food products as well as a small counter area where a dish can be displayed. There will be shelving in the stand where a lockbox may be kept safely to hold money. A refrigerator will be used to refrigerate food and a hot box will be used to keep food warm. Cabinets will be placed where convenient for easy storage access. Extension cords will be used to get power to the stand. The stand will have an awning that can be pulled down to cover the windows used for serving and doors to the stands will have locks.


Collect Info

The stand needs to incorporate foods that are relatively popular and fun but also healthy to some degree. Most foot traffic in the school passes by the main courtyard and the exterior of the cafeteria. There is a potential for the culinary class to use the stand, so proximity to the class should be prioritized.

Brainstorm Ideas

The shack will not be mobile and so it must be built from strong material like metal or sturdy wood. The close proximity to the main building will provide some additional protection from the elements. The area that the stand will inhabit is shady for most of the day. The stand's location is strategically placed in that it would be convenient for the culinary class to use if they were so inclined to use it. The stand also has a source of electricity located beneath the nearby stairs.

Develop Solutions

In order to keep in theme with the school, the food stand will be called, "The Bucc (Buccaneer) Tavern." This name is specific, yet allows for where a culinary class would not be funneled into making only a few food items.

Final Design

A basic model of the shack is included below. The roof of the shack is taped down at one end so that the roof will fold upward, allowing access to the interior. There are also markings in the interior indicating the position of materials and appliances. The dimensions of the shack are 11' x 6' x 10'.