Shake N' Steak

Design a food stand for your school


signage: Therrien's Shake N' Steak (Patent Pending) a place to display food: Window which shows the heater which keeps food warm and menus placed on the outside of the hut showing off the students creation. a place for money to be stored securely: Vault under the counter of the storage area. It will be a solid vault to prevent a student from walking off with it. a place for some types of food to be refrigerated: Fridge behind the counter which holds drinks and desserts a place for some types of food to be kept warm: Heater which has glass so customers can see the food additional storage space: Corner of the shack a method for getting electrical power to the cart or stand: Solar panels and battery system or power can be ran by a professional electrician a method for either moving the cart from one location to another at night, and / or a method for securing and storing its contents when the stand is closed: Shutters Fire extinguishers, ADA Guidelines, menu, Smoothie bar, Ketchup and Mustard dispensers on the side, tip jar,


Madmardigan 2 months ago
Solar panels and battery system or power can be ran by a professional electrician a method for either moving the cart from one location to another at night, and / or a method for securing and storing its contents when the stand is closed. | Custom Closet Door
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Collect Info

Which location or entrance around your school campus receives the most student foot traffic? The Center of the courtyard and that is where the tiki bar could go. There is also plenty of traffic that goes in front of the cafeteria but this would bring the issue of a congestion in student traffic. What types of healthy food options are currently available to students? Currently healthy food options are found by either bringing your own lunch or getting specific items the school serves but there is no consistency found with the school lunch. What types of food do you think the new stand needs to accommodate? The new stand will offer premium food options that are good in taste and price. The idea with the food stand will to be let students figure out what others want and to have fun doing it with the business portion coming second. It will provide to the students and be a selling point of the school.

Brainstorm Ideas

Identify a location for your new food stand or cart. Mark this on the aerial photograph. Will it be located at an entrance near your school's cafeteria, or will it be near a main entrance? It will be located in the circle found in the middle of the courtyard as shown in the photo. Consider the path of the sun around your school building. You may want to consider how the vendor operating the food stand (and the food they are selling) might be protected from the sun on a hot day. It will have plenty of ventilation as there will be openings surrounding the stand. Brainstorm a list of special features you'd like the food stand to have. Shutters, 360 seating, big enough to serve lots of food and shakes Consider what materials the stand will be made from. What materials will be durable against the weather? Stained pressure treated wood painted to fit our schools buc style. The stand could go into the circle in the courtyard and act as a tiki bar with cold smoothies being served along with food brought from the culinary room. This would provide 360 degree serving room along with plenty of space for students to collect the food. The stand would be powered by either an electrical outlet run to it or a Honda 2000i generator. Another idea would be to put it on the east side of the cafeteria on the existing slab that has tables on it. This would be more of a fair style of food truck that would be in a busy location and it has an electrical outlet nearby for easy power use.

Develop Solutions

The Furnishings were rearranged to best fit the floor plan physically but there was plenty of room on the outer edges for students to work and deliver food.

Final Design

The Final Design of the Shake N' Stake serving the famous 7x7 created with carboard and cardstock


freykarts 4 months ago
This is quite the traditional way to make a design. But lots of fun too, specially if you are doing it with your group. Credits: Frey; Tree care