Rocky's burger joint

Design a food stand for your school


Rocky's burger joint, a family friendly burger stand with amazing variety's of foods. Homemade grilled burgers with many sides and snacks. We want to please you and your belly's! Rocky's burger joint is an on campus food truck where students can come and order a meal for lunch and spice things up a little...

Collect Info


  • under shaded area near elementary schools playground
  • near front gate by office to the right of the stairs
  • middle of campus in the circle behind front office
  • in front of cafeteria in grass area

the food truck is 12x6 feet


ceridwen 4 months ago
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Brainstorm Ideas

Location either near elementary playground or circle area depending on the weather Need multiple outlet locations depending on location of truck either have a zig zag line or straight line depending on where truck is located How long we will be giving out food during lunch Clean up time, how long will we need to take to pack everything up Where is truck going to go after school hours How will truck move from point A to point B

Develop Solutions

One window in front, with elbow rest in front The food truck is 12x6 feet the front window is 3x4 feet There will be a staircase to walk up to the window The cart has a shaded covering that comes out 5 feet one inch the door is 9x4 feet

Final Design

My cart will be located by the elementary school playground under the shaded area, The food truck is 12 feet by 6 feet, the window is 3 feet by 4 feet, the cart will also have a shaded area that comes out about 5 feet and the door is 9 feet by 4 feet. Looking at other people designs and projects I kn0w what I would want to change if we were to do this again, for example the size of my project I would like to make it a little larger. I had a few problems with cutting the cardboard evenly and measuring but all in all it worked out

Overall I am satisfied with my design and final project