Asian Zing

Design a food stand for your school


A good place for students to eat would have a variety of food that is not like the cafeteria food. This food stand would also offer variety within its menu so that students would not get bored of it. It would appear eye-pleasing and be in a place where the traffic of students is not heavy but also in an area where students could access it easily to be able to get their food.


briona0865 3 months ago
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Collect Info

Mini fridge: approximately 2ft by 2ft Area: 10' x 7' x 10' Need power and water: to sustain the sink and fridge. Vaulted area for money storage needed for to go boxes and chopsticks/forks/knives/spoons/other utensils Food variety needed, do not see any Asian food in cafeteria Pickup window Needs door Ample space for people to work inside the stand. height clearing needs to be low enough for students to reach but tall enough to eliminate the amount of contaminates.

Brainstorm Ideas

Need locking mechanisms to be able to keep money and food stuff safe. So locking windows and doors would be effective in doing this. When building plans keeping security and safety in mind is important for the wellbeing of the customers/employees and longevity of the stand Having the stand in plain sight by a teacher's classroom will allow for ample supervision as well as any admin/teachers on lunch duty.

Branding: Dragon Pagoda Pagoda of Food Panda Pagoda Asian Zing

Need: Hot plate Pickup window Storage Vault Cash register Metal to withstand elements Pagoda Roof

Develop Solutions

I built a prototype using cardboard, painters tape, glue, string, markers, pens, cardstock and a bead.

This allowed me to get a color scheme and play around with the branding!

Final Design

I just had to remember to add a door so that the staff can get in and out of the cart!