Zachary Brosse's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


My community market, located at 2211 W 35th St Chicago, will serve the diverse community of McKinley Park by providing new cultural and economic opportunities for the people. The park will encourage the arts and music to flourish, and become a gathering place for people where they can grab a bite to eat and view some art.


RobertBouns 2 years ago
This is a great initiative and I totally support the part that will encourage the arts and music to flourish. It will be the place of inspiration. As the student whose major is Cultural Studies and Arts, I can state that many people need some help with starting creating things or writing, and I always click over here whenever I need to get the essay sample for any of my papers.
Albina Purdy 7 months ago
I think that Zachary Brosse's Community Market is a great community project. It's a place where people can come and buy fresh produce, meat, and baked goods. The store also offers free cooking classes and recipes. Try this Cisco Meraki Wireless San Francisco for more unique knowledge. I like the way that Zachary Brosse's Community Market has such a big impact on the community. It helps to lower food costs for residents in the area by offering free food at their store. The money that they earn through selling their products goes back into their community by funding local organizations.

Collect Info

McKinley Park is in an area that contains a great deal of families, with a low amount of cultural locations (museums, art centers, cultural foods, etc.). The area has a large park nearby, that contains a lake and sports activities. So, with my community market, I wanted to design a cultural area for the people of the community, that did not contain what the park nearby does.

Brainstorm Ideas

When trying to come up with what should be in the park, I thought about additions that could enhance the cultural and social value of the park. Whether it be buildings that look nice and modern, booths that contain food, or walls that enhance the cultural value of the park. Places I have visited or like came into consideration, and many aspects of the park are based off of them.

Develop Solutions

The park has a wide variety of components to it. These components were each put in to answer a question or solve a problem. How will people get around? How will the park enhance daily life for people? What can make the park easier to access? All these questions and more were taken into consideration when constructing the park.

Final Design

In my community market I successfully added cultural and economic elements that can be used by all kinds of people throughout the year. The community market will hopefully contribute to the local community in ways that nothing else in the area does at the moment.