To build a community market, one must understand the community. Right?


One of the first steps to discovering this community market within my mind was to know who I was designing for. Statistics Atlas provides plenty of useful, raw information about the demographics of the area. Diving first into the demographics of McKinley Park, there are several categories to consider. How old are the people living here? What is their gender? What is their household like? What is their education level? What is their occupation? How do they get to work? What language do they speak? What is their ethnicity? and so much more.


Researching the Age and Sex category first, a large base of those who live in McKinley Park are young. Ages from 10 to 25 young. This group in particular is about 21.5% of the population here. Another large base is the middle aged. Assuming they are either parents of the younger demographic or liberated single adults, the middle aged between 35 to 60 years old are about 32.4% of the population. But taking into account the largest/most important group ratio compared to the population is those between 25 to 35 years old(Only a ten year difference). They are about 17.8% of the McKinley Park population. Tackling the Race and Ethnicity of McKinley Park is important too! From the information offered, McKinley Park is a decently diverse region of Chicago. Taking the majority role, hispanics are about 62% of the population. Second to the majority is the asian population, about 18%. And the last major group is caucasians at 17%. All other ethnicity groups are notably less than 1% of the population here. Household types are an important demographic to consider when trying to imagine those who live in this area. Since we now know the primary age and ethnic groups of the region, it is forming a picture of what kind of households these citizens may have. Statistics Atlas says that just about 48.7% of the residents are married while another 23.3% are single. This could be obvious by telling of their age rage. Most individuals are young and most likely starting off their lives. Considering whether they have kids shouldn’t come out to a large percentage of the residents. And this isn’t quite true, to an extent. While 64.2% of the residents are without children, the other 35.8% do. McKinley Park has a higher than average Family with Children ratio than Chicago by almost a 15% margin. Finally, the last two major things to consider offered by Statistics Atlas is the Income and Education level. As the image of the individuals come more into focus, the careers are typical for these demographics. Low income, low skill jobs possessed by young americans with little experience. High School graduation rates by those who are old enough are uplifting however. McKinley Park as a higher than average High School Graduation rate than Chicago’s average, and a large majority pursue an even higher education.


So, the take away from this research is that when imagining the typical resident of McKinley Park, a person I envision is a young adult, hispanic american libertied to their freedom and opportunity to maintain a household as they begin their life. Typically they have low income for they posses low skill, low paying careers.