To be “straight-to-the-point”, I wanted a simple solution to the issue of under-representation of hispanic culture within this region of Chicago along with attempting to make the environment of this design inclusive of citizens of any culture. I spent time researching cultural icons of Mexican markets. Whether it was a flea-market or swap-meet, I wanted all the information I could get. What I came across was a list of attributes that all, if not most, markets contained: Outdoor seating with multi-colored umbrellas, Over door canopies with striped patterns, large victorian windows, and flower beds (Whether connected to windows, doors, or on their own). So, to provide a proper reference for this design criteria I found a perfect example down in south California, San Diego. The San Diego Old Town Market Museum seems to best fit my needs for reference and inspiration. I may be able to understand the history of the culture and its development through their website, I may learn how to incorporate a design that shows why citizens of all cultures visit, and how I may use this design to better my market design and efficiently run the market.