Mentor User Guide

Now that you have registered as a Mentor on DiscoverDesign...

You have access to mentor-specific features like:

Below are some instructions to get you started. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Following a Student's Design Challenge

After the student has made their Design Challenge public it will become searchable in the Student Gallery.

     student gallery


Search for the student's design challenge using their name, challenge, school name, or teacher's name. 

     search gallery

Select the student's project from the list. When you make a comment on the student's project is will automatically be saved to your Followed Projects



You can find a list of your followed projects in the Mentor dashboard > Followed Projects


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Reviewing Badge Applications

After a student completes a project and applies for a badge, you will receive a notification. All notifications will appear in the bell icon next to your account name. 



By clicking on the notification you will be brought to your Badge Applications page. There are two tabs on this page -- Pending and Awarded. When a student applies for a badge it will appear in the Pending tab. In the Operations column, please select Review



After selecting Review the student's badge application will open. You will notice there is a lot of information on this page:

  • Application: you will see the student's name, reviewer's name (you), and the badge the student is applying for. If you select the badge the criteria the student must meet to earn the badge will display.
  • Evidence: you will see the project the student is submitting in support of their badge application. By clicking the project name you will be able to see if the student has met the criteria.
  • Comment section: you can provide the student with feedback about their project. Please try to make this feedback as helpful as possible. If you don't think the student has met the criteria to earn the badge, this is the space you can explain what they need to improve on to receive it. 


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Awarding Badges

Under Badge Status, there are four options:

  • Draft: allows you to begin reviewing the badge and save your work so you can return to it later. 
  • Pending: is the status the badge will arrive in. If you feel the student needs to provide additional work to earn the badge you will write your comments and save the badge as pending. 
  • Award Badge: will notify the student they have earned the badge, and it will appear in the badges section of the user profile. They will be able to share links to the badge on job/internship/school/scholarship applications. 
  • Award Badge and Submit to CCOL: all CPS students already have a CCOL account. By awarding the badge and submitting to Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) the student's badge will appear on their DiscoverDesign account, as well as their CCOL account. 


Below Schedule there are two options:

  • Immediately: this will notify the student immediately of their new badge 
  • Schedule for state change: you will have the option to choose a date to have the student notified of their badge. 

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