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2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition

Harold Washington Library

September 1, 2017

Announcing the 2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition

The annual National Competition is a nationwide ideas competition which challenges participants to think outside the box and use the design process to create solutions to real-world problems. The competition is free to enter and is hosted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring people to discover why design matters.

Design a Library + Community Space

There are 79 public libraries in Chicago that serve as community anchors, and spaces where people can come together for civic and community activities. Yet, not everyone has access to a library within walking distance of their house. Design a Chicago public library on 75’x125’ lot in the Little Italy neighborhood to improve access to this public resource. Your design must:

  • be engaging, attractive, safe and accessible for all ages.
  • enhance the unique qualities of the site and local community.
  • show evidence of your research and thinking.

Check out the Competition Page