Final Design

My design benefits the local neighborhood because it not only provides a safe, educational environment for all ages, but also engages with the community. The floorplan of the building is wide and open, which symbolizes that is is free for everyone to learn. To get from floor to floor in this building, there is a huge ramp that can be seen from the outside of the building. One of the main ideas in the Chicago Public Library mission statement is equality, and this feature is accessible to everyone because it is usable by those in wheelchairs. There are an abundance of students in the area, and this library is welcoming to them because it provides places to study (alone or in a group), to learn new hobbies, and, of course, to foster a love of reading. It also connects to the urban garden adjacent to the building. On top of the building there are green spaces, and inside there is a green wall that community members can help maintain. The design encourages those who use the urban garden to utilize the library, and those who are regular library attendees to connect with the urban farm.


Competition Jury 2 years ago
This is definitely one of the more out of the box ideas. She was really thinking about sustainability. And I really liked the model she built -AR
Competition Jury 2 years ago
The process was very good. The rawness of the renderings is very nice for this project. -SS