Final Design

At the end of the day, I think it’s important that when we think about affordable housing, we lose all perceptions about what that should mean. Often, when we think about ‘affordable’ or ‘cheap’ housing, we automatically assume that it is going to be cookie-cutter, industrial, ugly. Today, we spend more and more time considering a denser urban landscape, we worry about urban blight, and we mull over what the environmental implications of our designs are. This design, the Showboat Home, does it’s best to invert that perception while considering those issues. It is open and airy, feels modern and inviting thanks to finishing touches like the bamboo flooring. It nods to its neighborhood – using mid-modern design motifs that reflect its proximity to historic neighborhoods like the Huntridge. Individuals are within walking distance to bus stops, grocery stores, and more, as well as being just a few minutes bus-ride from the thriving Downtown Arts District. At 820 ft.², this home meets Nevada’s low-income housing trust fund limits, meaning that it is not only affordable, it is accessible – mortgage rates for this home will fall between $858 to $1082 a month. The Showboat Home demonstrates that affordable living in Las Vegas is possible, and it’s beautiful, too.


salinisingh dabexan310 4 months ago
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