Final Design

Here is the full overview of my final design. I chose wood textured floors throughout most of the house and tile for the bathrooms since that's what most people prefer. I used gray brick on the outside of house because the color pops but the material still blends in with the surrounding homes. The guard rail for the roof is made from metal panels. Lastly, I chose to use turf for the roof floor to give it a comfortable texture. Overall, I believe my design fits my goals of affordability, comfortability, sustainability, creativity and it's also very pleasing to the eye.


Competition Jury 3 years ago
Kerl Lajeune - I like your notion of addition and subtraction as a means for coming up with a solution. An urban infill site, as you have chosen, offers lots of opportunities. Although modern in nature to its surroundings, I like the jump you took.
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