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Design a new school locker


It is basically a chance of getting storage for your school materials. It is a metal box that you can store things in such as textbooks and/or stationary that isn´t needed in certain classes. For an example, you have a backpack full of stuff and you are in no use of three textbooks from classes before. You can take those to your locker and have less stuff to carry around and it can be better on your back because your bag isn´t that heavy.


David Adams 8 months ago
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Collect Info

The lockers at our school are pretty basic but that gives you a canvas to make your creative and comfortable place to store your stuff. These lockers are blue and metal with slots in the front with a number and coded lock. The usual times to open your locker is in between classes, so averaged about 4-5 times each school day. The purpose is so you have a place to store the materials you are not in need of during classes so you don have to carry all of your stuff to every class. The safety regulations are that they do get searched if they are in need of security purposes which may include cops, as an example. Since I have started school, I really learned it is easier to put stuff in your locker but there are pros and cons. An example, it may take up all breaks in between classes if you can get your code right or if too many people are at their lockers at the same time.


Brainstorm Ideas

Well, currently I am virtual but when I did have a locker this last year, I focused on organization. A messy locker just made me very scatter brained and made me feel rushed when having to dig through a pile of books or papers. Before hand, earlier on when we started to first get lockers in middle school, I had a very decorated locker. It was purple and blue and very girly. A locker could pass as like a storage bin or a second backpack because of it being pretty helpful. I don think there is a way to really make it where you can not make it difficult when going to lockers unless you make a certain schedule for top lockers and one for bottom lockers.


Develop Solutions

Maybe a cardboard or like cardstock square or rectangle storage container could work well. You could take it and make a good locker model for it. Starting with 4 squares of cardstock and glue or put them together and then take another and cut a square out of that piece. You can then take the part you took to make the square on the last piece and trim it and then attach from one side. You can then take the opposite side of the attached flap and then hole punch a hole in it for a lock to clasp through.

Final Design

A painted card stock locker that is a medium model to hold more. It has a place for a lock as well for privacy reasoning and to keep strangers out of your stuff. I would decide to paint mine like a pastel yellow or green, maybe even a baby blue. I believe with your own twist put on the look and design of it, it would make you like it even more. There may even be a way to make it portable with an attached strap so you can carry it around but it contain more stuff so you just have to carry one thing instead of 5 or 6.