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abahena54's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


I have to come up for a food stand that will be able to fit and be able to atually work for our school in the morning.


Collect Info

Think About Which location or entrance around your school campus receives the most student foot traffic? What types of healthy food options are currently available to students? What types of food do you think the new stand needs to accommodate? Try This Use Google Maps to view and print out an aerial photograph of your school. Mark the different entrances to your school building on the aerial photograph. Does your school have separate entrances for students and staff members? Interview the school nurse, a health teacher, or the head cook and ask them their opinions about the types of healthy food currently available at school. What improvements could be made with a new food stand? Interview several classmates about where they think would be a good location for a new food stand. Walk around the exterior of your school and take photos of possible locations for the new food stand. Research other food vendor stands or carts. Or search Flickr for "food cart", "street vendor", or "fruit kiosk" images.

Brainstorm Ideas

The foodstand would be in front of the school where students usually go inside from, where the small garden is at. It would be in the morning from around 6:30-7:40 am Types of food that will be on our food stand would bee, fresh fruits like apple, and bananas, and strawberries, drinks, tamales, tacos, different chips, salads There would be like a food stand that you see at carnivals


Develop Solutions

I might change my Ide to a food tuck because those are easier to move around especially since we arent going to have our food truck there for the whole day so we are getting a food truck that is also easy to transport to places. I also want it a bit bigeer to have more varieties of foods and its easy for people to move around.

Final Design

I picked the one that I put in the box below because I believe that it also should have a place for the foods, especially since we should be more sanitary during the pandemic.