avery dickerson's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


In our house we have a small guest bedroom in the basement of our house. The space is very inefficiently used and due to it's size it is cluttered. Our target audience is guests who stay at our house who are looking to have a relaxing and calm vacation while also being able to utilize the space as an office when there are no guests.

Collect Info

The room is located in the basement of our 1980's house. It is 11 by 11 and has a long and narrow closet that measures at 8 by 4. The current room has the internet router, printer, and the house original 80's base board heating. The furniture in the room includes a full bed, and 2 nightstands. Due to the fact it is the basement the room has a 1/2 foot ledge that is on the 2 exterior walls that east away at the already small rooms square footage. The base board heating in the room is inefficient and isn't always functioning properly.

Brainstorm Ideas

While sketching and designing ideas for better using this space I realized that in order to incorporate all the specific features we want I would need to get creative with the design. Design one is functional and incorporates a work space but it doesn't help with the issue of clutter. In this design the boarder going around the exterior walls is removed and opens the room more but the base board heating is still in place. There is still a full bed and a specific shelf for the printer and router. Though this design is able to fit a desk it still doesn't have room for a queen bed which is more ideal for guests and it is cluttered with little floor space for work. Design 2 has both the boarder wall and the base board heating in the room removed. it also has a Murphy bed that can be flipped up to have a desk. Which allows the room to have a queen bed when guests are staying over but when they leave we can put the bed up to have a work/office space that can be utilized all year long.

Develop Solutions

Both designs I created are functional and incorporate the changes we want made to make the room more of a multi -purpose room rather than just a guest bedroom. Design 1 is good because it requires the least amount construction and is the cheaper option, but in the long run we will still run into the issue of clutter. Design 2 permanently gets rid of the issue of clutter and allows for a larger bed for guests. But in order for this solution to work you would have to get rid of the baseboard heaters, the boarder wall and get new flooring because Murphy beds don't work well with carpet. Not to mention the cost of a custom built Murphy bed. Both options are good contendors it will just come down to weather or not we want to completely get rid of the issue at hand or eliminate the issue for only a short period of time.

Final Design

For my final design I went with Design 2. Even though it costs more out of the two you get more bang for your buck in the long run. Unlike design 1 design 2 completely eliminates the issues with the existing room which are that the bed is to small, it is cluttered, and it isn't a multi-purpose space. In design 2 it incorporates a Murphy bed which is a regular bed but can be folded up to give more floor space. This gives the space the option of being an office when there are no guests. There also is a custom cabinet where the printer and router can be stored as well as attached to the Murphy bed is a fold down desk to allow room for a work space without taking up excess room. Also once the base board heating and the exterior ledge is removed there will be more room and freedom to configure the furniture in different ways without the worry of the baseboard heaters. Even though this solution is the more expensive out of the two it gets rid of the existing issues.