Alaffey11's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


A bedroom is a place to rest, relax and sleep, but also serves many other functions. Bedrooms can also be used as a place to hangout or do homework. Bedroom provide privacy, peace and quiet, and a place to rejuvenate and get things done. It also serves as a storage and study room. I use my bedroom for all of these functions, and that's one of the reasons I want to make my bedroom bigger. A bigger bedroom would allow it to serve all of the functions I need it to, not just sleeping and relaxing.


jimmydean 1 month ago
This is why you should create a separate bedroom within your primary master bedroom. And while creating a separate bedroom is a small step at wordle unlimited wordle, it can make a world of difference in terms of peace, quiet, and privacy.

Collect Info

My bedroom is rather small, being only 11X10. It currently has a queen bed, a dresser, nightstand, desk, lamp, storage shelves on the wall and in the closet. The closet is 5.5X3 with sliding doors. The room also has a window between the desk and the closet and a clock on the wall. The floor is carpet throughout the entire room and closet. Currently, I like the design and the furniture in the room, the only feature I want to change is the size.

Brainstorm Ideas

Because I don't only use my room for sleeping and relaxing but for hanging out and playing video games as well, I want to make my room bigger. This would allow me to have more room to add a bigger desk that could support a computer as well as more space to hang out and do my homework.

Old Room: Small, tiny, squeezed, Ohio State, clean, organized, inviting, modern, warm, decorated New Room: Big, open, comfortable, spacious, Ohio State, clean, organized, inviting, modern, warm

Theme: Ohio State, serve as a hangout room

Energy Idea: Skylights and bigger, wider windows to allow for more natural light. This would save money not only on electricity bills but also helps to heat the room with natural light.

Develop Solutions

My main solution to fix my bedroom is to make it bigger. My current bedroom has almost everything I want/need in it, except a lot of free space. If I could make my room bigger, I would have more space to relax, play video games or do my homework. Along with slightly changing the arrangement of everything in my room, I want to add a desktop computer and a bigger desk, so that I have my own computer and a place to do my homework. I also added a TV, a larger window and more shelves for storage.

Final Design

For my final design, the main change I made was making my room bigger. This allowed me to have room for a bigger desk to put a computer on and do homework, a bigger bed, a TV and more overall room to hangout and relax. I kept the original layout of my room, simply adding more space. Because of this, I was able to put a flatscreen TV across from my bed, a bigger desk and a computer, and more space to move around.