AZUL's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


My community market design, located in Illinois, Chicago, will serve the community of McKinley Park by providing a farmers market that will minimize the separation of communities. Discovery Design is challenging us to create a public works project that not only emphasizes native heritage and plant vegetation, but will allow locals to have jobs and a social gathering place allow easier access to freshly made, native vegetables that will provide jobs and will contribute to the greater good of and for the economy. The Discovery Design Challenge is challenging us to bring together diverse ethnic and cultural background for the greater good of the community. The Chicago region has been recognized as one of the nation’s most segregated and inequitable metropolitan areas, the result of a century of racially motivated investment, disinvestment and wealth extraction, and intentional separation of communities. In this project, there is both an indoor and outdoor garden to incorporate the changing as seasons. Next to this, there will also be a recreation center that also goes along with the year round usage. Kids, teens, adults - all have the opportunity to engage with one another is small environment that is for entertainment and educational studies. While the market is taking place, this also allows the kids and young adults to have a place to hangout. Around the seasons the market will not be in place, it turns into a park that is very beneficial for the community since it would allow a place of gathering even if an event is not occurring.


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There are patterns such as how often people go out to eat or how long people are involved with the community that we can evaluate to improve the project. Tampa Concrete

Collect Info

The Discover Design Challenge asks us to embody these principles by showcasing a public place that will create an impact on society. The social good of society is the number one factor. By incorporating minorities in the community service works projects we are contributing to the greater good by giving them the chance to grow and improve as a whole, something that is easily taken for granted. This challenge strives to make us think of ways to involve everyone and ensure they work as a team; by creating a farmer’s market this project will essentially be doing this to make sure jobs are provided, while still incorporating native species and locals that would benefit the Chicago region. Vision and impact are both incorporated within the project because we’re evaluating something that could possibly installed in a community that will grow as a result of it. It is not about the money that will be generated through the project, but of the impact it will provide the community with. By analyzing how the community works, how the surrounding area of McKinley park works, we can incorporate methods that will broaden the scale of diversity and involvement. There are patterns such as how often people go out to eat or how long people are involved with the community that we can evaluate to improve the project. It is a place people should feel comfortable going with and without their family or friends. It is so they can call a place home even without it being there home. People should easily be able to make connections and see the expansion of the project. We are not designing a simple building, we are designing the future life of presiding residents and tourists. Transit Oriented Development is a type of community that includes a mixture of housing, office, retail, or other amenities integrated into a walk able neighborhood and located within a half mile of quality public transportation. It has been become very beneficial for industries nationwide since is reduces the growing problems of climate change and global energy security by creating communities where driving energy consumption isn’t necessary. It’s good reputation has also gone along with the public as it implements the places that are most desirable to live in, work in, or simply lounge around in. Components of TOD include high density, walk able districts within a ten minute walk circle. This is very important when it comes to time management. People do not go on the bus or use transit stations to waste time. People want to location B from point A quickly and easily so their time is not wasted. In the Discover Design Challenge, we are next to a train station that would make it easier to access the community market. There is a residential area nearby as well as other community centers. This is beneficial for the consumers and the locals since they are given options to mingle.

Apart from reducing the dependence on driving, TOD allows residents to live, work, and and play in the same area. This had led to the greater amounts of communication and community involvement with one another. People (especially children) can developed relationships with one another that can help lead to greater opportunities. Simply by being exposed to a wider range of the population in your community can help you engage differently with others. Not only does it add to personal development, but it helps keep you busy. In Chicago, by adding a commercial market that brings people together, they can develop friendships that will last a lifetime while also creating jobs. The increase of TOD is very beneficial for stimulating the local economy. While it gives us access to friendships those friendships can also generate jobs. It would make sense since the easier access to certain location leads it being more populated. Employers are going to need employees to maintain the customers (consumers or tourists) satisfied. For the Discover Design Challenge, this would open doors for the minorities in Chicago. They would be around industry leaders and workers that can prepare them for future jobs if they choose to outgrow the current community market. They are able to incorporate leadership qualities that can last them for a lifetime.


Brainstorm Ideas

The complexity of public spaces are commonly misunderstood which makes them extremely difficult to accomplish. Transforming public places in vibrant communities is a lot of work for both the developer and the client (or consumer) that will be using it. There’s so much depth that goes into actually creating a project even before the architect gets the chance to develop a physical model. There are eleven principles one must encounter or take into consideration prior to advancing into a concrete project. You can divide these concepts into the vision and the impact. While asserting the importance of a community one must be able to evaluate a place: a physical representation of comfort that gathers both strangers and friends. It is not just a design that stands out and makes the community look pretty. It is not for the economical advancements that may improve society; however, it is about physically seeing and meeting every individual need that a community struggles to meet. Not in a large scale either. You can easily observe this with the likes and dislikes people have. It should be an important place people want to be while also installing a sense of pride for the people who live and work in the surrounding areas.The impact comes after the vision. How do you plan to meet the needs of society? Triangulation is the process by which some external stimulus provides a linking between people and prompts strangers to talk to other strangers as if they knew each other. By seeing the vision of comfort that the new project may provide community with, you are now able to establish a timeline of new integrations for the community. Positive vibes attract other positive vibes. If people hear about others enjoying something they may share in common, they too would like to be part of it. It makes no sense to divide a park and a recreational center. It’s better to place them right next to each other so that kids, teens, and adults all get an opportunity to just have fun. Evaluating the way spaces and people function is important to know so you can understand the bigger project. Not everything you come to a consensus on will be concrete; there will always be room for improvement.

Develop Solutions

The site shows an entrance to the recreation center from the S Levitt St. Through here locals have the options of going directly to the community marketing, or inside the rec-center. This back entrance was incorporated to give them easier access to the restrooms as soon as they would get off of the TOD. They have the options of going to an arcade, the food court, while also enjoying some live entertainment, or to the library where they would have free access to the internet. On the East side of the site, you will see a gardening building. Here locals have the opportunity to either expand their horizons and volunteer to help grow the vegetation or get a job and understand what it's like to grow it in their own city. Outside, the community market will take place. Children have the opportunity to play in the playground or go inside the rec-center while this occurs. When the community is not in place, this play area expands as the open space can be used as a park.

Final Design

The community market where locals are given the chance to gather gain access to different opportunities while embracing their community.. My design reflects this intention with open gathering spaces, year round usage, areas to learn, and TOD. The gathering areas are filled with activities they can do since the main organizers who would work there would chain up the way things take place. the exterior of the building itself uses brick to blend in with the surrounding buildings. this place, they don't feel pressured to have to look polished. On the interior, this remains the same so that they feel at home. I wanted my building to blend but feel as a second home. It is not just for the investors to make money, but for the community to grow and expand on its own.


Competition Jury 2 years ago
This is a very elegant design. I like that the night view was taken into consideration. The parking might be a bit problematic. I also would've liked to see people interacting within the rendering and see site activation. The garden beds are a nice touch and your sketches are very strong. Your design reflects a strong consideration of both indoor and outdoor spaces. I like how the building anchors the corner of 35th and Archer- a strong and positive design strategy.
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