School locker idea

Angie.7001.'s project

Design a new school locker for the Sewanhaka District's 21st Century Schools


I think our school lockers need more locker space because people who do sports have no room from their sport bags and their school bag in one locker. It also should have charging ports because there is a lot more technology usage and they can die during the school day and they can't find a charger to charge their technology. Also should have two shelves one with the charging ports and the other one with dividers for books, folders, notebooks, and etc. And with a calendar and pencil holder on the door.


Gerorge829 1 year ago
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Collect Info

This is our locker now. There is one shelf and three hooks inside. There is not a lot of room inside our locker in this generation.

Brainstorm Ideas

So i want to take two lockers and take the wall in between them so it will have more room. Also we would have to make it one door not two. Then add two lines of shelves for technology and the other for school books, notebooks, folders, and etc. And a calendar and a pencil holder on the door to keep track of stuff. Then i would like to go to a charging port on the technology shelf. Also gonna change the locks on the locker so it unlock with a phone or type in a password.

Final Design Presentation

This is a picture of my final remodel idea in a 3D locker.