Aidan parks' Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


-Design a community market on a transit-oriented site to provide public gathering spaces. -Provide a gathering space that involves sustainable architecture and development. -Provide a way for people in the community to get healthy fresh food in a place that they may not be able to get that healthy food. -Involve the Chicago Transit Authority into the design of the outdoor marketplace. -Provide a place where restaurants and food trucks can come to sell their consumer goods in ways that benefit the economy and the people in the community.


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Madmardigan 2 months ago
Impressive community market design. I wish other citie4s will adapt this to provide public gathering spaces. | Tile Repair
RealMe 1 month ago
I think this will be a great help to provide a way for people in the community to get healthy fresh food in a place that they may not be able to get that healthy food. Home Remodel is also a key to have a good place for this program.

Collect Info

During my research I made sure to look at the surrounding buildings and the surrounding environment so I could take the building materials and design into consideration. I noticed that there is a big sidewalk surrounding the lot for the market and I would love to expand that and make this market have lots of concrete with some grass for contrast. Doing so would give the design a more modern feel and also attract more people. I also would love to incorporate a way to get to the train station from the market whether it be an underground tunnel or a sky bridge across the train tracks to the boarding station. A lot of buildings around our lot are made up of brick and are kind of old looking so I think some new modern brick and wood to contrast the brick would definitely look amazing and would attract many people to our outdoor market.


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Brainstorm Ideas

I started brainstorming by observing the site and community around the site. After looking at the site and community I made zoning and site analysis's along with a site bubble diagram. These sketches aloud me to get a great perspective of how I could start designing my building and how I could involve the site with my building. I could also see where my main pedestrian traffic would be coming from and get a great idea of where the entrances should be for the marketplace.


AHKitch 20 days ago
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Develop Solutions

After doing my research and looking into the community around Mckinley Park, I was able to develop my solutions. I began by sketching a site plan, zoning analysis, and site bubble diagram. These sketches helped me come up with my layout of my whole project on this site. I took everything into consideration when developing my solution including what direction the wind blows on the site, how the noise from Orange Line would effect the visitors, and where existing trees were located.

Final Design

I designed my outdoor marketplace with community as my priority. Pedestrians have multiple access points to the marketplace. If they are coming from the train station or simply walking from down the street, they can access the marketplace easily. The outdoor farmers market structure allows people to enjoy local food trucks while being cooled from the pavilion that provides shade and shelter. This farmers market space also allows the community to have access to locally sourced healthy food. In the restaurant space there are flexible incubation vendor spots where new local restaurants can come and grow a client base. With this Incubation space and lounge/coffee area available, my marketplace is optimized for year round usage. Inside the actual building there are many spaces that benefit the neighborhood and community. People can come and eat at the restaurant spaces where seating is available inside and outside. Two meeting rooms are available for businesses or groups can rent out for a presentation or study room. Moving to the second floor, there are safe computer spaces available where students and community members can come enjoy access to free internet and computers. On the third floor there is a modern coffee shop designed so that the community has a place to come and work or meet friends while they enjoy a coffee in a safe environment. The office section of the building is for the employees of the marketplace, but is also available to businesses if they need to rent out an office. This marketplace is optimized for year round usage by the community. Even though vendors might not be able to bring their food trucks to the marketplace, there is still vendor space inside the restaurant area. There can be family movie nights, festivals or art walks held at the marketplace in all seasons of the year. My outdoor community marketplace would benefit the McKinley Park neighborhood and the city of of Chicago greatly.


James Costley 2 years ago
*weeping Making Bentonville proud one render at a time *weeping grows louder
Bluemoney00 2 years ago
Honestly, very impressed with your work. I like your aesthetics and the whole concept behind your design. Your design is very appealing and it goes well beyond the concept of building a community space.
Competition Jury 2 years ago
You have very compelling graphics and a clear hierarchy of design elements. I would've liked to see the main entrance be a pedestrian entrance off a street instead of a parking lot because the majority of traffic will be coming from public transit. You used case studies and site analyses excellently. Labels on your floor plan would've made it more clear to read. This building does feel a bit generic, lacking references to the site and community around it. The research put into this design is very good.
JustARunner 2 years ago
This design is very well done and shows an aesthetic scene unknown which speaks volume. The design goes further and beyond to make a successful design of social good for the people living nearby.
avoguado 2 years ago
I think that your aesthetic is one of the best entries. I like how it promotes natural lighting through your incorporation of glass. It also looks very aesthetically pleasing in the nighttime render.