adam baker's chicago library

2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


The Chicago Public Library is a place for all people no matter if they live in or out of little Italy and it will help unite people old or young to help create new history and bring all races sexes and age together

Collect Info

The library is going to be placed in little Italy and is near the national housing museum it is by local restaurants and housing complexes

Brainstorm Ideas

we looked at public library and took notice of exposed structure and what they all had in common and how groups were connected

Develop Solutions

we grouped areas that we felt belonged together and made a bubble diagram and also made a site analysis

Final Design

For the final project I wanted to make a building that was a simple shape since it was a small lot of land to build on. This way I could accommodate the most amount of room to build on.


Competition Jury 2 years ago
The building reminds me of German architecture because of the columns. If he had continued that concept but made the light on the ceiling come from the columns that really would have hit me. -JE
Competition Jury 2 years ago
The combination of brick and glass fits the site very well. The interior looks very functional. You can imagine people out on the top deck hanging out and that would draw people inside. This relates to Taylor street really well. -AR
Competition Jury 2 years ago
We are always looking for design that draw people inside. Especially for teens its very important to make the building look very accessible. They created transparency as to what is happening inside. Branch libraries are looking at having a space that is more than just “come in check out a book and leave. -DS
remilucia 20 days ago
Yeah, you basically hit it on the head, it's just like when your towing, the heavier your load is the more power you need, and the more fuel you'll use tuxedos