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Design a food stand for your school


a food stand to combat the stupid school lunch system


joseph zedan 2 months ago
Food stand near to school/college works as second option to choice for lunch and some times good quality and menu set it as primary option ,how ever this is basic need of every student ,we are also linked with students providing them services for their academic 360Assignments
David Garcia 2 months ago
I create a Wikipedia page for businesses as a part time job and now I am thinking to do something else. That idea is so cool and by reading it I will definitely consider it open a food stand. Thanks for sharing a post.

Collect Info

I will look up the most succesful food stands in america and see what they all have in common. Like where they are placed, what they serve, who works there.


sandeepsharma 2 months ago
AIPL Joy Gallery Gurgaon is a blended-use retail development and also is a famous commercial property in Gurgaon. It provides a combined bundle of Premium Retail, F&B electrical outlets, Food Court, Restaurants, Cafes as well as an Entertainment Zone.

Brainstorm Ideas

Due to covid-19, I cannot go directly to the food stand in person. But through the power of the internet, I can get very good angles, such as they are near the water and are just across a bridge. I did some research about long car trips and discovered that bridges have a sort of effect where it seems like you have been driving for hours and tricks you into thinking you are hungry. So I can make my food stand at the end of the bridge that goes across the Kennebec River.


sandeepsharma 2 months ago
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Develop Solutions

A problem with building a shack on either side of the kennebec bridge is that it's so crowded and there is almost no room, so my solution is to partner with dairy queen and give them fresh lobster from Phippsburg and supply top-notch hot dog buns, I get 80 percent of sales, and they get 20 percent for hosting me.

Final Design

I will take all of the knowledge that I have learned through researching the perfect spot and design for a food shack and combine them all into one awesome food shack, which will have inexpensive food and tasty food, but most importantly it will have the best lobster cookers and waiters