The Orange Line Market

Harleigh Brandon's Orange Line Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


• The McKinley Park neighborhood is a food desert and needs a solution to help make healthy food accessible. • The neighborhood community requires a place to gather, hold events, collect resources, and provide services to utilize. • The city of Chicago needs to create more sustainably designed architecture and spaces to help in promoting the longevity of the city and its people. • The market will give life to an overlooked space, and revitalize the community. • Lastly, the market will provide spaces for community interactions as people gather in the market, and pass through the market.


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Collect Info

• The market will serve the neighborhood of McKinley Park which has a history of industry and railroad transportation. • The 35th/Archer line runs behind the McKinley Park site and has led to a lot of foot traffic, bike traffic, bus traffic, and train traffic. • Nearby the market will be many local businesses along S Archer Avenue attracting people from the community to the area. • The market will serve to help alleviate the issues posed by the food desert located in the area. • The structure and site needs to be sustainably designed to help minimize the carbon footprint, and provide ways to bring the environment into the neighborhood • The building on the site should be integrated into the outdoor spaces of the site. • The building needs to be inviting to draw foot traffic to the area. • The market should include fluid spaces that can be used for many purposes such as gathering, events, and teaching resources. • It needs to include transit-oriented design to create a link between the many types of transportation that are located near the site. • It should attract those who live in the neighborhoods nearby. • Space should include problem-solving for using the space year-round.


avoguado 4 years ago
You did a fantastic job at researching not only the area, but the problem as well. I believe that thorough case studies of other markets and of the problems encompassing the area really helped drive your really noteworthy and innovative design.
JellyMin 5 months ago
The structure and site needs to be sustainably designed to help minimize the carbon footprint, and provide ways to bring the environment into the neighborhood
JellyMin 5 months ago
The structure and site needs to be sustainably designed to help minimize the carbon footprint, and provide ways to bring the environment into the neighborhood

Brainstorm Ideas

In this step of the design process, I began analyzing what was on and around the site. This determines what was included in my market, and how it was oriented to draw in people from across the community. The zoning analysis came first, to decide what surrounded the site. Much of the immediate buildings surrounding the site were residential single family or multifamily housing, which means that the market needed to attract residents nearby to regularly use the site, as well as commuters that will be passing by the site regularly. next was the site analysis which provided more insight into how different elements affect the site. Weather patterns, noise pollution, and site topography were all considered in this step to provide the most detailed summary of the site. The site bubble diagram was the culmination of the site and zoning analyses to create a community market that works well to adjust to the site's challenges. It also establishes how people are being drawn into the site and through it to attract more people to the market. Lastly was the building diagram which laid out how spaces of the building are working together to create a space for the community it features many things for the community such as flexible meeting space to provide a place for indoor events to take place. This step was vital in determining the overall market layout to best help the community.


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Develop Solutions

In this step, my market changed drastically. I had to rework the spaces of the site and building to better fit them on the site. The building now includes a cafe, bathrooms, meeting rooms, a gallery space, and reception area. These are the most vital spaces to best serve the community and showcase its unique characteristics. The site has changed the layout but has retained all of the spaces beside the family area and the sky bridge. The bridge was ultimately lost due to the building's new proximity not only to the orange line, and visible from the train, but also very prominent and visible from S Leavitt St. The family area was replaced by gathering spaces that will better allow the community to meet, gather, create, and collaborate to make the community and the world a better place. Many of the views here show key areas of the site and explain how each area is versatile for almost any event, adapts to weather that changes with the season, and cohesively work together to create a design that will serve the community and draw people to the site and the things going on there. All elements of the site will be used to help the community grow and improve itself. This is done through the many areas of the project that support the growth of local businesses like the cafe, food trucks, and market pavilion. The areas like the community garden, the gathering areas, the gallery space, and meeting spaces. These will provide the community endless opportunities to grow, learn, and come together.


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Final Design

My site is designed so that the areas that will showcase the community the most are easily viewable from high traffic areas such as W 35th St having the market, community garden, and food truck incubation. The other areas of the site are less prominent because they are easily visible without being so close to the road, they also serve to mitigate noise from the Orange Line train. The Orange Line runs right by the site, which will attract commuters to the site as it is easily viewablefrom the train platform. The site can be entered from anwhere along the site on S Leavitt St., or W 35th St regardless of whether people come from one of the many bus stations surrounding the site or the train stop on the Orange Line. The market pavilion is the largest area fo the site. It is large enough to fit approximately 50 vendors under the pavilion in 12’ x 12’ spaces. It can be used as a farmer’s market when produce is in season, as a place for craft fairs, and a place for grocery pickup from local grocers in the winter. The pavilion is versatile enough to be in use year-round, and host events beyond just a traditional market. With the addition to local grocers providing grocery pickup in the winter, the community garden will give people access to locally sourced healthy food. Also the food-truck incubation area will allow for local businesses to rent space, and begin growing a client base before finding a permanent home in the McKinley Park neighborhood. The site and market offer very versatile options for serving almost any need the community might have. Inside the building there are many features that will further serve the community. The cafe is another business incubation area as a vendor could rent the space until they find a home, or remain there permanently as a fixture in the McKinley Park neighborhood. The gallery exhibit area can be used to showcase different community-centered exhibits such as a history of the McKinley Park neighborhood, artwork from local schools, or the temporary walls can be removed and the space could be used as a place for events to take place, or be changed into a miniature library space where people may come if they do not have internet access at home. The building is one of the many pieces of the site that works to be versatile and fit any need that the community might have. The entire site was designed with the community in mind. With a space like this the McKinley Park neighborhood will be hosting events, and promoting their community and its identity for generations to come. The space has something for everyone to enjoy, and can be used for any kind of event imaginable. Holiday light displays, dog days summer events, galleries of local art, concerts, and restaurant tasting days, the possibilities with a space like this are endless.


Bluemoney00 4 years ago
I really like how you integrated the orange columns to catch the public's attention. Your design is simple and I think it accomplishes the goal of your design. I also liked how you added many multipurpose areas to attract many people.
Competition Jury 4 years ago
I like that you created a bold piece that reflects the community it is designed for. The structure and colors reflect careful design decisions make for a market located off the Orange Line. I would've liked to see a site plan or clearer floor plans. The building has good texture, the interior is designed well, and and has an opportunity for adaptation later. The amphitheater opening towards the L is a bit questionable due to noise. The market section is really compelling and I like how inviting the canopies are from the main street.
JustARunner 4 years ago
The design is extremely well done with a way to catch the public's attention and a way to provide and tend to the local community.
JellyMin 2 years ago
The entire site was designed with the community in mind. With a space like this, the McKinley Park neighborhood will be hosting events and promoting its community and its identity for generations to come. | Building Decks
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