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brandon.v's Cafeteria Redesign

Redesign your school cafeteria


Going to be redesigning the cafeteria to make it the best possible. There are many flaws in the cafeteria. To begin the chairs and tables. The chairs are extremely uncomfortable and when you move around it makes an annoying sound. The tables are not as good either. They are just plain white and have no design to them. I think a bit of more color will make it better. Also the lines in the cafeteria are very long. Some people in the back of the line have to wait the whole lunch period just to grab lunch so I think more staff serving lunch will make the lines faster and more people be able to eat lunch and talk with their friends.


kamarupa 2 years ago
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sumnerzzupa 10 months ago
When you move the chairs, they make a lot of noise and are really uncomfortable because some of the tables are dated and rather soiled, new ones are needed according to gutter repair auckland team. Addition of windows is one of the potential redesign strategies for the bhs cafeteria.

Collect Info

The cafeteria has been redesigned a couple weeks ago but I believe there can still be more improvements. The length is 82 ft and the width is 50 ft. With this information I can scale my cafeteria on sketchup and make an accurate model of my new redesigned cafeteria. The area the new cafeteria would be in is the same spot it is currently.


nancydrew 1 year ago
The number of employees in the cafeteria is one way we can alter it. When we have lunch, there is only one person serving hundreds of students in each line, and the line would move more quickly if there were more individuals serving food. Additionally, we can redesign the chairs and tables. subway surfers

Brainstorm Ideas

Some ways we can change the cafeteria is by how much staff work there. When we have lunch there is only one person serving lunch to hundreds of students in each line and if we have more people serving lunch the line would go quicker. We can also redesign the tables and chairs. The chairs are extremely uncomfortable and make a lot of noise when you move them around. New tables because some of are old and kind of look dirty. some other possible ideas to redesign the bhs cafeteria is to add windows. This is not possible but maybe we could make the cafeteria bigger considering how small it easy to every other cafeteria I've seen.


Develop Solutions

I have a few sketches for this part of the challenge. They ways with the tables are fine, but I think you can move it around a little bit to make it more organized and smaller tables only for 2-4 people would be good. The following image will show my first idea to redesign the cafeteria. I kind of like how the tables at the edges are set, but the center needs to be changed because these big tables do not even allow more than 10 people.


sukamin 1 year ago
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Final Design

For the final design I went on sketchup and designed a brand new cafeteria that looks nice. With the 3D button I was allowed to download chairs and tables into my model that I believe would look nice in a new cafeteria. My final design will be attached to the google classroom and I will explain why I put the tables and chairs that way when I present my project to the class. In the original model, the tables in the cafeteria were really close together because of the size of them. I believe with more circular table we could spread out the tables and limit the number of people to a table and could help with social distancing especially with COVID-19 going on currently and affecting our high school


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