Cindy-_-'s Pocket Park Project

2015 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Pocket Park Design


In my neighborhood, there are 3 parks. One was nearby an elementary school and two that were a bit further away that was also next to each other. Two of them are playgrounds and one of them is a nature park. I used to go to those parks all the time as a kid but we rarely go now due to the rise in crime rates around our area. The parks mostly have a good walking distance where on your own at night can be pretty scary. I rarely see any of my other neighbors going out for fun anymore because of that. I think that having a pocket park nearby our street would allow the neighborhood to have a place to come casually at any time. I want a small place nearby for my neighbors to relax and hang out since large parks can be intimidating to walk on your own sometimes. I also want the park to be a place where the neighbors can use to get to know each other including the animals.


daniyal 7 months ago
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Collect Info

A pocket park should have features that are both easy/cheap to maintain such as fruit trees or plants that are easy to maintain and can survive long in harsh weather. I believe people open up easier when they are in a natural area like a garden. There should be natural features in the park, such as stones for seats, trees all over, and a dirt or stone path. There should also be areas where people can accomplish different goals such as a place for children to run around and have, or an area for students to study in peace without any big noises distracting them. To match the theme of natural parks, the features of the park should either be wood/stone or an imitation of the appearance of wood/stone. The open lot is located nearby 1317 W 31st St.

Brainstorm Ideas

The pocket park should follow a natural theme to resemble a natural park with some unnatural features that can blend in with the natural atmosphere. For example stones or logs that can be used as seats. I believe that the natural theme helps people relax better. There can also be a gazebo in the middle of the park for shelter from precipitation. There can also be plants that can be easily maintained with minimal help from people and can survive just fine on their own such as fruit trees, native trees to the area, and native flowers. I would also like the park to be forager-friendly as not a lot of places are welcoming to foragers.


Develop Solutions

I start off replicating the overview of the park from the top from the bubble diagram. The overall area of the entire park was a lot larger than I expected so I tried adding more spaces that were made for tables and benches. After I started making each of the features I designed for the park. I started with making the gazebo, then the tables/seats, and the benches. I struggled figuring out how to create the dome like shape for the gazebo and the tables. I also had to figure out how to create the inward curve that tree trunks had which was the design on the benches. After that I began painting the designs. The gazebo was suppose to imitate the red mushroom and the tables imitated the tan mushroom that you can see commonly in video games or cottage core nature. The seats for the tables are imitation of tiny stones. The bench was an imitation of large tree stumps where multiple people can sit. Then I began adding greenery and stones to fill out empty spaces of the park. Finally I began working on the backgrounds of the park by adding houses and buildings.

Final Design

For the final model, I completed the final designs of each of the features that were mentioned to be included in the park. I changed up the paints of the features a few times due to not liking how the textures turn out when shown onto the final design. I made sure each of the features can contain at least 4 people each so multiple people can enjoy the features. Since our neighborhood has a lot of young children to teenagers, I decided to go with an unrealistic theme. I also placed more seats than I initially planned for the elderly to have more places to rest. I planned that the smaller trees in the park should have small fruits or flowers for foragers and general people to enjoy. I also made sure that the pathway flowed in a line so that people aren't isolated and it becomes easier to interact with each other. This fulfills the goal to connect the neighbors as they have better chances to talk to each other. I also added more background buildings to build an atmosphere around the pocket park. I tried to add different buildings that nearby the park but the buildings that were far from the park were more basic looking shapes.