Sketchup Model of the Bus Station Design

Cindy Ye's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


Many students in Curie Metro High School use the bus as transportation to travel home. Sometimes there are some issues when students are waiting for the bus. During bad weather conditions, students have to go through the full experience of the weather since there usually isn't enough space for all the students to take cover in the current bus station. Cars would drive by and sometimes splash all over the seats of the bus station during rainy days.


Collect Info

The bus shelter's basic functions are providing shelter for the people who are waiting for the bus. It should cover people from bad weather and keep them warm. Especially during snowing days, buses tend to come late and people waiting usually stand there and wait to shiver, possibly catching a cold. There are many bus stations near our school however most of them just have a pole to declare where to wait for a certain bus. They don't provide many shelters for students to be comfortable in.


Brainstorm Ideas

There should be a shield that blocks the bus station from large splashes from cars driving by large puddles. There should be a lean of the curve on the roof of the shelter so precipitation would fall away from the people and potentially block their entrance. There should also be solar panels to conserve electricity in case the main source breaks or loses power. There should be a screen to show when an upcoming bus is arriving. There should also be a speaker to announce every few minutes when an upcoming bus is coming for those who don’t have the ability to see or read the screen. There should be heating systems to use during colder seasons so when buses are late, people don’t freeze.

Develop Solutions

I started putting all of my design ideas into Sketchup. Each day I followed the blueprint with the bus shelter I designed with added ideas that came along the process.

Final Design

In the final model, I added most of the listed features I believed students need while waiting for the bus. I added a screen on both sides of the taller wall for students to have an idea when an upcoming bus is arriving instead of waiting for a bus, not knowing how long it might take. I also added the speakers for people who can't read the screens so that they can hear the announcements instead. There are also heaters underneath the roof to use in the winter when the weather and temperature can be quite harsh. On top of the bus shelter, there are solar panels to help support the main energy source of the screens, the speaker, and the heater. The openings/doors are wide enough to fit wheelchairs or any walking devices. The bus station can fit an estimate of 20 standing people maximum.


pmjoanes 1 year ago
You needed to focus on the features and create more scene
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