The nine bus stop

Crmendozaa's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


Something that's missing from our bus stops are bigger spaces because there's a lot of students and staff that take the bus and eventually it gets full that people have to want outside that stop. It could be snowing or raining and sometimes there's no more space. Something that could make it better is mini heaters like they do at some train stops it would really help during the winter and fall because it really does get cold. They could also add outlets in case someones phone is about to die and they need to make a call to get picked up, This is what i intend to put in the newer bus stops.


patriciabrown 1 month ago
This is not a bad idea, it would be better if the bus stop was built as a spacious waiting house and had some public facilities available to everyone. minecraft classic

Collect Info

After looking into some bus stops i found these two stops that were really advanced and it gave me an idea of how i want to build y bus stop. it's focus will be more on the safety of the people because anything can happen at a bus stop. This bus stop will make people feel like they're in a safe environment.

Brainstorm Ideas

This bus stop will check your temperature before you enter to see if your eligible to enter, you will use the thermometer on your hand, the light will turn green or red to let you know if you can or cannot get in. There are solar panels on the top of the bus to not spend so much money on energy. You need a mask to enter, inside the stop there are outlets to charge what ever you need while you wait. The time for buses, time and temperature outside is shown on a screen inside the stop, also heaters and Ac are there ready for what ever weather that comes! The bus will have cameras and bullet proof glass all around to ensure everyone’s safety which is the number one priority.


Develop Solutions

I had a idea of how i wanted the bus stop too look but i got more ideas and decided to add more mostly because i made safety the main priority of this bus stop. The bus stop will be down archer next to the funeral home across the street from dos colores (the ice cream shop). It won't be so far from the students because the exit doors are close by the parking lot. It's much bigger then the one in front of curie that one is to small i would see students have to stand outside the stop because it was to packed, you would see crowds squished when it was snowing or raining.

Final Design

The Nine (bus stop) focuses more on the safety because Chicago is pretty known for violence. I decided to make a stop that would you feel like your in a safe environment. Their are security cameras all around the stop including inside in case something were to occur. In the inside of the stop their are emergency buttons in case of an emergency or in case someone doesn't feel safe in the stop, a officer in the area will be sent right away after the button is clicked to check out what's happening. The glass walls are bullet proof in case a shoot out were to happen by the stop, you never know were the bullet might end up going. Their are lights inside and outside the stop so the cameras can see everything better and also so the stop won't be so dark at night. To save energy i put solar panels on the top of the roof so half the energy will be from the sin and the other half from a regular energy source. I put an A/c and also a heater for what ever whether that comes because the whether in Chicago can change at any time. Inside the stop their are outlets in case someone needs to charge their phone because they're lost or just need to text someone to pick them up. The door is a sliding door so when it opens no one will get hit or will have to get out the way. There is a button to open and close it even on the trash can for the handy-cap people so they won't have to stretch out. There is a mini TV that will show the bus time and current time also the temperature outside. Outside the bus stop there is a sign that say you are required to wear a mask to enter.


pmjoanes 2 months ago
All of your features need to be part of the shelter. Not separate entities. Grade 17