Drew's Bedroom design

Redesign Your Bedroom


My bedroom has some serious problems that I am going to address when redesigning my room. Some improvements that I need to solve are that my room looks very cluttered and disorganized. To solve this I will be creating new and unique storage systomes to hide away and display my belongings. Another thing that I struggle with in my room is matching every thing together.I have different colored furniture in my room that brings a disorganized aspect to the room. To solve this I will be getting new furniture and re staining or painting other furniture. This will create more of a sleek and modern look. Other things in my room are actually working well. These things are that I have good natural lighting because of the two windows in my room. I also have a large closet area which I can use for storage.I want to add a study space for doing homework and studying for tests. The kind of look I want to show in my room is minimalist and modern look. I also want a calming and relaxing color choice.

Collect Info

Right now my room is kind of a mess I have a very cluttered and messy looking room. The shelves in my room are not very appealing and are overfilled with stuff. I also do not have much of a space to hang out, so I defiantly want to change that. I have a bunch of cloths which tend to over flow all over my room so I need more space to store my cloths and other belongings. The style I am going for is minimalist and modern. I think that this will help with my clutter and organization.

Brainstorm Ideas

I have brainstormed Ideas of furniture to use in my room. One of my ideas is to have a wardrobe which stores your cloths and other belonging you may have. This is important because I will now have a place to keep my cloths organized instead of them just on the floor. The second piece of furniture that I looked into was a egg chair that hangs. I looked into this because I wanted a relaxing and comfortable part in my room. This makes it so I can have friends over and they can have a place to sit that is not on my bed.

Develop Solutions

Thies designs all have solutions for my organization problems. The designs use different funerature placement but the same kinds of funerature. I have shelves for my different possesions and a wardrobe for all of the cloths I have. I also have a simple desk with an awesome chair that is perfect for studing for tests and working on projects. To solve my hang out problem I brought in two bean bags and a rug for relaxation.

Final Design

In my room I opted for a minimalist and modern look. On one wall below the window I have my bed. on one side of my bed I have a side table and on the other side I have a very simple desk with a computer on it. On the wall that my door is on I have my dresser and in the corner opposite of my closet I have a hanging egg chair. I also have a white and black rug in the center of my room. In my closet when you turn to the left you will see a small rug with two bean bags on top. in the back of the closet you will see a wardrobe with a mini fridge next to it. In the main part of my room I wanted it to be functional but cozy. I completed these goals by adding a egg chair for comfortable but having a desk for studying and doing projects. In my closet I wanted to have a nice place to hang with friends so that is why I added the bean bags. In the end I achieved all of the goals I wanted so I could make my dream room.