My Bedroom

Denatra's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


Design Brief: Your challenge is to redesign your bedroom based on how you think it could or should function as a multipurpose space.

Within this bedroom, I will be focusing on how to improve its current state by creating more open space, different atmosphere, re-arranging furniture, and adding more appliances. I will customize everything to my liking and to how efficient it will be to my purposes when using this newly made room and also influence the modern-day adaptation of bedrooms. By doing this I will be able to express my personality and not just make this "a bedroom" I will make it "My Room".


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When designing your bedroom you should start by looking at the bed size and shape required for your comfort level before anything else. Keep in mind that if you have young children or pets, there might be extra space required for them to play or lay down on. In addition, don't forget about lighting! Cheers! Kyle Stevens @Deck Company Richmond
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Despite getting the job done there is not enough space on my desk I always have to move my monitor away every time I want to work on my desk because that is what takes most of the space. dumpster sizes

Collect Info


  • My desk is very useful in helping me do my work even as of now while typing this it supports everything I put on it and I have my Monitor and Playstation on the side.
  • My wardrobe doesn't take any space since it is a part of the wall and the inside has a lot of storage for all my clothes. *My window is right next to my room and since my bedroom is upstairs I can see the whole neighborhood from here.


  • Despite getting the job done there is not enough space on my desk I always have to move my monitor away every time I want to work on my desk because that is what takes most of the space.
  • My room feels really cramped and there is not enough free space for me.
  • My monitor is big and very outdated I would want to replace it with a new one since it will be easier to use and doesn't waste too much space on my desk.


Munika 2 years ago
Well done with this article! I really like the way you present it and the way you make it interesting Fall guys

Brainstorm Ideas

How I describe my room right now:

  • Small *Cramped
  • Study Room *Game Room
  • Messy
  • Lots of white and brown

How I want my room to look like:

  • Lots more free space
  • More useful furniture and devices
  • Cleaner
  • Less dusty
  • More organized

I have stated these ideas so I can give a valid description of my overall thoughts on how I want to change my room to suit my overall needs and make my room fit purposes other than sleeping and studying and also create a place of leisure. The overall atmosphere feels really bright but it gets really dusty and takes a while to clean up everything in my room, I also want to change this and create an interesting atmosphere around my room so it can tell people what kind of place this is it's not just a bedroom to me it's "My Room".


Develop Solutions

I will be using a website/software which uses 2D/3D room editing to customize my bedroom to my liking. The software is called FloorPlanner.


Final Design

To recreate my bedroom I have created my final designs and showcased them in different views. To start off I re-arranged all of my furniture and create more space to move around in so it could be more organized and more to my liking. Even though at first I wanted some colour I decided just to stick with black and white since it was simple and less distracting but I did end up adding in some paintings just to describe how often portray myself as organised but messy when something wrong happens. I added in a wardrobe near my entrance to give some free open space and placed it in a place where it is easy and efficient to access. I added more appliances such as a clock and a kiosk to represent my gaming devices, I separated them to go next to my wardrobe since it would be easy to access and it won't take too much space on my study desk. I also added in a more flat monitor so it wouldn't take a lot of space on my desk and it will be easier for me to work on whenever I'm not gaming.