The Donald 702's project

2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


The Public Library of Little Italy can located near Little Italy and will serve as a community anchor for the many working families that have lived in Chicago for generations. Near this library, University of Illinois can be found. This public library will also serve as a studying and working area for the many students who do not have the technology nor information that is needed for college, but can be found here.

Collect Info

The site that this library is being built on is apart of Chicago's history and past. Nearby is the commemorated Jane Addams building who was known for contributing to women's suffrage, world peace and much more powerful movements. The residents who live nearby comprise mainly of young adult, working class singles with an above average median household income compared to the national average. Also nearby is the University of Illinois, which is the main reason behind the young adult population surplus. Because of this, many of these college students require information that can not be supplied solely by the University, which will be provided here at the Public Library of Little Italy.

Brainstorm Ideas

Tinkering with many architectural styles left me boggled and confuse as to what I would use. Rather than thinking of styles from the top of my head in hopes that it would click, I instead searched through the styles used in the city itself. This lead me to work with the Chicago School Architectural Style and blend it with the current trend of contemporary architecture that is taking over the nation.

Develop Solutions

Utilizing the Chicago Architecture Style gave me much more depth into architecture and how they work together than if I used architecture from other cities that would completely not fit the bill. What I like the most about my design is the open space of the garden and how it separates the different rooms.

Final Design

With these two interior views, one can see the nature imbued aspect of my design and how I plan on having the children in this library to be involved in this aspect of nature. The interior garden is used to create a calm setting for hurried college students and hardworking parents that need a break from their children.