View from the welcome center to the amphitheater.

New West Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


To complete the first step of our design process, we identified the problem. This community needed a place to serve as both a common social spot and a market for local vendors. For this, we chose the vacant lot 2211 W 35th Street, near the CTA Orange line. This was a better place to set up a market because it is bigger, receives more sunlight, and currently has very few competitors nearby. This area will also better service the community because of its convenience, due to its transit-oriented status. In addition, this community has a relatively higher income compared to the other so they will be more willing to spend money on the more expensive local goods. Our success statement: Our community market design, located at 2211 W 35th Street, will serve the community of McKinley park by providing a location for members of the community to connect and experience art, music, shop for environmentally sourced, locally produced goods, and connect with one another.

Collect Info

To us, the most important factor in this market is how it will service the people. To do this, we first needed to find the demographics, economy, and history. These people do not currently have easy access to fresh and local produce. The majority of the population are middle class. The community of McKinley park is large and culturally diverse. In addition, there are mostly families living here, so we needed a place that would appealing to all ages. We needed to design a space to accommodate this society. In street view, there seems to be an awkward vacancy in the area, which the market will occupy well. We also know that our structure cannot exceed 65’ by city regulations.

Brainstorm Ideas

The first thing we did to brainstorm was compose a vision board of markets and objects we that we thought would create an open and attractive environment. Compared to a supermarket, this community market’s goal is to sell and entertain people, which is why we needed an amphitheater for the community. This employs culture and strengthens the community as a whole; something a supermarket could not do. In this area, there are no prevalent stores or significant essentials. This market will change both of those facts. Considering the local climate, we decided to have the majority of our structures as permanent. While making our bubble diagrams, we had to determine a suitable flow of traffic for the users. To do this, we created 1 entrance/exit (with several emergency exits), and a circular traffic flow.

Develop Solutions

To address the problem of pedestrian traffic flow: Establish a circular flow around the park that encourages users to visit each part of the park, it is easy to get from one point of the park to the next. The park also has many gathering points and allows people to stop and talk or perform other activities. The sidewalk also encourages interaction with others because of its placement with benches and seating areas.

Incorporating local businesses in our plan: All of our sellers are local companies who endorse natural and organic goods. We have 7 permanent stores. This offers a variety of local products to the community ranging from beer to honey. For businesses which tend to be more seasonal; there is also a space to allow them to set up a covered area for the sale of their goods. There will be multiple food vendors present and also space for individuals to put on performances or concerts on the stage.

Keeping people in the space designed rather than just pass through: The space has ample benches and many areas for people to rest or work outside, and space for people to purchase and enjoy goods form the farmers market, there are also areas for entertainment in the amphitheater, and spaces like a garden which could be used by local schools. Events such as plays concerts or art showcases would likely draw crowds to the park and the businesses would encourage them to stay and come back again to enjoy the food and products.

Year-round use: There are permanent structures that can be heated from the inside and there is a space for non permanent stalls to be set up with the seasonality of some goods. There is a fire place within the park, and a few small gas heaters that would encourage visitors to come throughout the colder months of the year and make it continually usable.

The market will be called New West.

Final Design

In the end, we managed incorporate all the properties that we found fundamental to a community market. Our market's flow of traffic is circular. We have many vendors available to sell local goods. We have included ample entertainment, which differentiates the community market from a regular supermarket. We have many permanent structures, which will withstand harsher weather conditions. And most importantly, we have created a space that will provide art, music, local shops, and interactions to the community of McKinley Park.


thecoolestcircle 1 year ago
The circular flow is a really good idea and the amphitheater appears quite unique and eye catching.
jabad 1 year ago
I agree with thecoolestcircle. I like that you put a map showing how you expect traffic to move. As for your overall design, I think it's very eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.
jabad 1 year ago
I agree with thecoolestcircle. I like that you put a map showing how you expect traffic to move. As for your overall design, I think it's very eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.
Competition Jury 1 year ago
You have a good site flow, different resources, and green spaces. It's really nice to see how it could be used for both entertainment and food uses. This design will be challenging to keep busy year round due to weather. The amphitheater provides a cultural space that activates different audiences within the market. I really enjoy being able to see your process throughout the entire design process.
JustARunner 1 year ago
This design was extremely intriguing and was set out to create a bold statement with the circular flow and a unique design, not only that but the overall design is very pleasing to the eye. The amphitheater is also the bold statement that stands out and gives the market it's identity it was really well done in this regard.