New Apple Charger

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Blank Challenge


Apple is a company that produces electronic devices like computers, laptops, smart phones, and even earphones. Apple's phones are called "iPhone" and when you purchase one it comes with earphones and a charger. Apple's iPhone chargers are know for breaking very easily and must be taken good care of in order to last. The charger could be tangled or bent to a 90 degree angle and easily break.

Collect Info

Apple constantly receives criticism because their chargers break very easily. After conducting some research I have concluded that apple chargers break very easily because they do not have strain reliefs at the vulnerable parts of the charger. The vulnerable parts are the ends which is the USB end and the end that goes into the iPhone in order to charge it. Strain reliefs are a series of ridges made of plastic which allow the charger to bend or tangle without completely breaking it.

Brainstorm Ideas

I drew different types of chargers. One of the chargers had a larger circular strain relief made of plastic placed on both ends of the charger. The sketch in the middle has a thick plastic strain relief on the charging side of the cable only. The last one has 2 big and thick plastic strain reliefs placed on both ends of the charger.

Develop Solutions

I decided to go with the design that had a medium-sized strain relief placed on both vulnerable ends of the charger. I went with this because it provides good protection on both ends it will not be too expensive because it does not have a lot of plastic. This charger may take a little longer to manufacture but it will certainly last longer.

Final Design

My final design for the Apple charger will be 91.44 cm long and 2 cm wide. The USB end will be 2 cm wide and .5 cm high. The charging end will be 1 cm long and .1 cm high. The charger will have a plastic strain relief on the vulnerable parts of the charger which are both ends. This design is mainly changing the ends of the present Apple charger so that it may last longer than it usually does.