flynn's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


I will make my room easy to live in with a little room for working/ studying. Now as a teenager what I need for a room is someting that gives myself a nice work environment and enough space for my privacy. I need a space that gives me enough room for my clothes. It also needs to be easy to keep clean for a nicer environment for myself.

Collect Info

My bedroom at the moment has very little space for studying and working. The bedroom I have is plain and not fun for my friends and I to be. I always have it messy because I have no space for my things such as clothes. I also have an un-needed book shelf that takes to much space. The picture shown on the bottom is not set to scale my bedroom is smaller.

Brainstorm Ideas

My idea is to make a room with a queen bed and a dresser to keep more of my clothes. I will have two storage containers to place under my bed that I would switch my summer and winter clothes out of. I will also either have a desk for a working space or use a portable desk that you place on your lap on my bed.

Develop Solutions

I have decided the second choice because it gives me more space to work on homework and a nice big are to sleep. When my friends come over It would be nice to hang out in a nice clean bedroom because I will have a dresser at a renovated closet to put all my clothes.

Final Design

My final design makes less space in my room but it lets me focus on my homework and gives myself personal space. I have created a way that I could study on a table with a chair and clean my room easier because of the extra space for my clothes. overall I think I would be happier with my design.