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I am writing a comic on how to inspire middle school kids to apply for Southeast Career Technical Academy. Middle school kids, need something that calls their attention and what way to inspire them, then through comics. Southeast tech is a school that offers lots of different programs. We have ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN , AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIAN, CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY, COSMETOLOGY, CULINARY, CYBER SECURITY IT - NETWORKING, DIGITAL GAME DEVELOPMENT & ANIMATION, GRAPHIC DESIGN, NURSING ASSISTANT, PHOTOGRAPHY, SPORTS MEDICINE, and TEACHING & TRAINING. All of these programs are great and Southeast TECH is a CTE school that also has sports, which makes it a very special school. Discovery design is giving us a challenge to inspire kids to apply to SECTA. Kid's who attend a CTE school are kids who have something in mind for their future. Kids who want to move forward with a career into college or universities. The benefits of a middle school student attending a CTE school are achieving higher graduation rates, as well as better student engagement. Students can develop employ-ability skills which is a great skill to help obtain a job way faster. Plus high-quality CTE addresses goals of college and career readiness and provides learning options to those students who can be at risk of dropping out of high school. Student's who succeed in CTE schools are students who know which goal to strive for. CTE programs are a way to doing so, they provide you with both career choice and obtaining employment. Some students who think that dropping out of high school is the best choice for them, are the students in most need of the programs that a CTE school offer. Why? You may ask. Well because some kids just need motivation to keep on going. Something they like and want to do. That's why CTE schools offer students different types of majors and programs, something they can make out of in life.


Collect Info

  • The idea of this comic is to entertain the kids and also show them something that can be beneficial to them.
  • The audience of this comic are middle school students who need help and knowledge on which high school benefits them more.
  • Some students are already trying to find an appropriate high school to attend.
  • What I want to do is inspire these kids to apply to SECTA, tell them how good the school is, and also how important it can be for their future to attend a CTE school.
  • We want to let kids know that SECTA can be a great part of their future and they can feel safe at our school. This discovery design project specifically asks us to find a way to inspire kids to apply for SECTA. Showing kids what type of benefits they can gain from attending a CTE school. CTE stands for Career and technical education, and what it does is that it teaches high school students career skills depending on which program/major you choose. Kids can have more chances in life related to employment and have better opportunities in college or universities. Alliance for Excellent Education says, " students who take more career and technical education (CTE) courses are more likely to graduate from high school." Decreasing the amount of high school drop outs, and increasing graduation numbers is a big positive outcome.

Brainstorm Ideas

  • Comic books are a fun way to tell a story or maybe persuade kids to do something.
  • Kids usually like pictures, colors instead of reading a book with just words and words and not illustration.
  • We think that the main goal is to catch a kids attention through comics. Comics allows provide a huge variety of techniques and are available in many varieties. Some parents and educators say comics are not considered as reading. There is a lot of criticism towards comics from people saying that kids are only looking at pictures and not reading the words that go with them. But comics offer a plethora of learning benefits such as critical thinking, imagination, storytelling, sequencing, and creativity. Both comics and narrative stories have the same story elements like, characters, setting, theme, conflict resolution, point of view, and more. Sources like Rabbit Hole Children's Bookstore. “17 Reasons Why Children Must Read Comics.” KidEngage, 2 Oct. 2018, say that comics help create a sense of sequence. Since comics have a series of images one after another it helps kids better understand and keep track of sequence of events rather than on a narrative story. Kids should not become bored while reading something, the most important thing about reading is to have fun with it. Comics just do that. Comics offer stories that everyone can have fun with. Comics have lots of colors and art, they can help children understand the importance of art in storytelling. The art clarifies the stories, and that brings children an opportunity to think about colors and styles. If children are attracted to books with pictures, it's going to be natural for them to be drawn into comics. When they read one, they will want more and will encourage them to like reading which is good for our case because we are trying to inspire kids to apply for SECTA through comics. I created a poll via Instagram to see what 13-15 year old kids would most likely read. I was able to get down a total of 55 votes, with comic books having a huge lead of 39 (71% of votes) and narrative stories having 16 (29% of votes).

Develop Solutions (and get Feedback)

  • What do you find interesting about the comic? The colors, the art, what it's trying to tell you.
  • What is something I can maybe add?
  • What is something I can take away?
  • If you were an 8th grader would this comic book call your attention? Now we begin to think about the actual comic. The comic should be colorful, fun, and short. We need to explain the basics and get straight to the point so the reader does not get bored and actually captures the necessary information he or she might need. It is said that many kids prefer reading comic books rather than normal books because they are short and get to the point. Even a short book is longer than the longest comic book. I created a poll via Instagram to see what 13-15 year old kids would most likely read. I was able to get down a total of 55 votes, with comic books having a huge lead of 39 (71% of votes) and narrative stories having 16 (29% of votes). Most of these kids are incoming freshman, and the rest going into 8th grade if anything.

Final Design

In the end I came up with this comic and it's a story of me explaining what SECTA has to offer to a middle school student. While making this comic book, I brought into mind lots of SECTA's cool and interesting facts. Type of programs, and even though it's a CTE school we also have sports no other CTE school has sports. That is something that makes SECTA so special. I remember coming in as a freshman, I was super excited but I didn't know much about SECTA, maybe this can help explain more of what SECTA has for the incoming students and I also hope this comic book I wrote can inspire middle school kids to consider applying for SECTA. It would be nice to know this project made some per ople consider SECTA as one of their high school choices.